Have you had a chance to use chat greetings yet? They are the number 1 way to make human connection with your customers.
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Make Customer Contact More Human With Greetings
Have you used chat greetings? They are the number 1 way to make human connection with your customers.
Greetings allow you to simulate the offline shopping experience. They help you approach customers who need some help.
To give you a helping hand, we prepared some ideas on how you can use greetings for your business.
Make your support more efficient
Free up your team’s time by moving your customer service cases from phone to chat.
(mobile friendly)
Engage customers after a newsletter
Offer personalized service and help customers convert when they reach your website after an email marketing campaign.
(learn more and see it in action!)
Deal with cart abandonment
Once you get people on your website, make sure they stay and make a purchase by setting up cart-saving greetings.
(mobile friendly)
 Chat greetings efficiency
Report: Chat Greetings Efficiency
The three methods are just the tip of the iceberg. There are tons of potential uses for greetings on a business website. Check out our Chat Greetings Efficiency Report for some inspiration, greeting ideas and good practices.
(.pdf file)
Prechat form in greetings
But wait, there’s more
Greetings are about to become even more useful. In a few days, we’re adding pre-chat surveys to greetings. After pressing the ​​Chat now​​ button, customers can be asked to fill out a short survey giving you more information.
Stay tuned for more!
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