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At a glance, this month’s newsletter looks exactly like the ones you’ve been getting from us every month for well over a year now. When you look beneath the surface, though, it’s different.

While you’ll still get product updates and content created by us, I thought that you might also like content from outside of LiveChat that will benefit you. Let’s learn, get inspired, and laugh together. Sort of.

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Forget everything you know about sales

Marcos talks to Nick Capozzi, one of his mentors and a sales expert, about the critical skills to develop in order to become a master salesperson. Does success in sales come down to the fact that people buy from the people they like? Is it enough to talk from a place of knowledge in order for people to listen to you talking about what you’re trying to sell? How can video help you close that next deal, and how can you incorporate it into your sales strategy?

You won’t regret the 38 minutes you’ll spend listening to the tips, tricks, and a couple of funny stories in the newest episode of Incoming Chat.

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In November, we added the option for agents to send emojis to customers from the LiveChat app. Now, your customers can send emojis back from the LiveChat Chat Widget on their desktop.

Your customers can use emojis in the Chat Widget regardless of the device they start the chat on. If a customer uses an emoji, it saves your agent from wondering if it’s appropriate to send emojis in the chat. As we always say, mirror your customers’ language. If they send emojis, you can send them, too.

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HelpDesk’s course helps you learn how to speak to customers so they understand you and are satisfied with your assistance. Learn about high-quality customer support processes, strategies to sharpen your soft and hard support skills, and tactics that your customer service agents can easily master.

After the course, you’ll know how to resolve customer cases quickly using the resources available to you. Join our course with nine lessons that cover different aspects of effective customer support. Learn how to work as a team and use your resources effectively to win every customer case.

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How about becoming a LiveChatter?

If you haven’t noticed yet, we’ve been a fully remote company for quite some time now. This means we’re open to hiring people from all corners of the world. Right now, we’re looking for more than 50 people across 10 different departments. Roles in customer support, sales, engineering, marketing, product management, HR, and more are all there for you to choose from.

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The 20 ecommerce podcasts you should listen to

You have a podcast. I have a podcast. Everyone has a podcast. Well, not exactly, but it kind of feels that way, doesn’t it? Both podcasting and ecommerce are on the rise, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are quite a few podcasts focused on ecommerce.

Many of you, dear subscribers, probably either own or work for ecommerce businesses. Also, many of you probably enjoy listening to podcasts. If that’s the case, you’ll definitely enjoy the list put together by Influencer Marketing Hub.

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A published blog post is like the tip of an iceberg

If you’re serious about your marketing, a big chunk of it should rely on content. Content that’s valuable, engaging, and entertaining. Some people think that anyone can do content marketing because it’s such an easy job, right? Well, not exactly. There’s a lot that goes into a blog post before you hit the “publish” button. Like, a lot.

The folks at Content Folks (pun intended) have set out “on a multi-week exploratory mission of a content iceberg.” Struggling with creating a content brief or an outline of a blog post? Content Folks will help you out.

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An open letter that parents will relate to

Relationships with our children are among the many things that changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s not like reestablishing how we interact with them has been an easy task, either. I’m lucky enough because my kid is only a 3-year-old, but I have an abundance of empathy for those of you going through the nightmare of working and homeschooling at the same time.

By now, we’re all too familiar with working remotely and asynchronous communication. Enter asynchronous parenting.

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Customer service representatives often have to master the skill of working under pressure. They face countless challenges every day. They shouldn’t have to worry about cybersecurity. Protecting your data is extremely important, especially when a moment of distraction can cause greater damage. With Files Antivirus, you can shield your agents’ devices and increase the safety of their information.

Files Antivirus scans files sent by customers and provides agents with details about any detected malware right in the chat view. With the continuously updated viruses database, you can rest assured that no malicious data will infect their machines.

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