Join LiveChat in supporting Ukraine!

Hello LiveChat Community!

During this horrifying and sad time, when thousands of people are being harmed in Ukraine during the Russian invasion, we as a LiveChat, decided to take an action. As a company of Polish origins, we know what it is like to have your home destroyed while being constantly in danger of losing your life or the lives of your family. Poland suffered similar atrocities in the twentieth century.

A few days ago, we transferred 1mln PLN to PAH – Polish Humanitarian Action. But apart from donating to the right cause, we also wanted to set an example. People who have been forced to leave their homes are in need of every help they can get.

We created a page where you can find verified organizations that are currently heavily involved in rescuing Ukrainian war refugees.
You can find it here:

It’s also important to show your support. We believe that standing together and showing our support to Ukraine communicates clearly that there is no acceptance in our society for such acts of aggression. According to Ukraine’s State Emergency Service, more than 2,000 civilians have been killed and 875,000 have fled in the past week.

You can show support for Ukraine via Chat Widget on your website. With our Support Ukraine app, you can change its footer from Powered by LiveChat to We support Ukraine. By clicking it, your visitors can go to the site with our verified NGOs.
Check it out here:

Let’s show that the people of Ukraine are not alone in this difficult time!


More news! You can now change your email footer in HelpDesk to “We support Ukraine” to show your solidarity.

The footer is directly linked to a verified list of organizations that run fundraising events to help Ukraine that I mentioned above.

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