Oh, and Happy Holidays to you all!


This is it. The dire 2020 that has affected our lives on all possible levels is coming to an end. We’ve had to redefine the way we live, the way we work, the way we meet, and it hasn’t been easy. Many of us keep saying that we can’t wait for 2020 to come to an end.

Are all COVID-related problems going to disappear at the turn of the year? No. Can we see the light at the end of the tunnel? Yes, we can. Hopefully, we’ll slowly start getting back to normal as the new year unfolds.

On that optimistic note, I wanted to wish you Happy Holidays on behalf of the whole LiveChat team! Also, kudos to you for supporting your customers more than ever throughout this nightmare, also known as 2020.

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The ultimate guide to boosting ecommerce sales every holiday season

I know that the fourth week of December is a tad bit late to plan your holiday season sales. But! It doesn’t matter what time of the year you’re watching this video. There’s always a holiday just around the corner.

People are obviously turning towards online shopping more than ever before. There’s a lot of preparation that goes behind getting ready for a holiday shopping season. We’ve put together a massive guide to help you prepare for any holiday, high season, or sudden rush. In this video, we want to give you all of the tools that you’ll need to be ready to take on a lot of customers at any time.

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It’s been a while since many of us started working from homes. Whether we like it or not, remote work also involves running virtual meetings. Ideally, we should reduce the number of virtual meetings to a minimum.

Yes, it’s cool to see your coworkers every now and then, but if you have too many meetings to attend, it can backfire with Zoom fatigue. It’s a condition described as the tiredness, worry, or burnout associated with overusing virtual communication platforms.

Luckily, you can plan your virtual meetings from start to finish so they’re as effective as face-to-face meetings. Actually, they can work even better if you follow Olga’s tips.

Plan your meetings

The pandemic has changed many of our habits, but wearing a Christmas sweater is a tradition that will be hard to abandon. I hope you haven’t thought about ditching your sweaters this year!

If you still need some words of encouragement, we have a contest on Success’ Instagram profile. Unique, branded gift kits are up for grabs for the winners. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Post a picture of you wearing your ugliest Christmas sweater.
  2. Tag our profile (@subscribe_success) on the picture.
  3. Don’t forget to add #uglyxmassweater in the description.
  4. Wait for the results!
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Stripe needs no introduction. It’s one of the most popular software billing platforms for online businesses. Thanks to our Stripe integration that is now available on the Marketplace, you can now process payments while talking to your customers.

The application lets agents save their precious time that they would otherwise spend on switching tabs to check transaction details. But, more importantly, it offers customers a quick, convenient, and safe way to make payments during the chat. It’s a win-win.

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