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We finally turned the very ugly page that was 2020. Even though the only thing that really changed was the year we’re living in, it was a relief. We had hoped that the beginning of 2021 would magically erase all the bad stuff that’s been happening to the world in the last year. However, we weren’t even a week into January when it said, “Hold my beer!” and decided it’ll keep up with the same ways as its predecessor and go down in the history books.

We hope you all took some time to rest and disconnect from all the negativity. We did, and we’re coming back as strong as ever to help you better communicate with your customers.

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We’re proud to say that over the last 12 months, we’ve grown from 667,512 subscribers to 922,585! We’re doing it all for you, and we couldn’t be more thankful for joining us on this journey to remove communication barriers. This is the best motivation that we can get, and we promise to do our best to overdeliver top-quality features and content in 2021.

Tuesday, 02/02/2021, 7:00 PM CET, 11:00 AM PDT, Arnaud Pigueller (CEO of SnapCall), Marcos Bravo (Video Host & Brand Ambassador at LiveChat)

Top-notch customer service is among the crucial factors that have the most significant impact on your sales performance. How can you step up your customer service game and use it to achieve your sales goals? Join our webinar with Arnaud Pigueller, the CEO of SnapCall, on Feb. 20, and find out how to use tools like LiveChat and SnapCall to grow your revenue.

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How do you know if your customer support team is doing their job well? They need to be efficient and effective, but you need a way to rate their performance. Access all the stats and metrics necessary to evaluate your team’s performance with LiveChat reports.

What do you make of all the data? How should you reach the right conclusions? You don’t need any superpowers to do this. We’ll talk about it in the upcoming live webinar on Feb. 16 and show you all of the mysteries surrounding reports.

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The whole world is talking about the impact of customer experience on brand loyalty. But did you know that 65% of U.S. customers say that having a positive experience with a company is more impactful for them than advertising? On the flip side, as many as 32% of customers would walk away from their beloved brand after just one bad interaction.

With such an unforgiving audience, the stakes are high. This means you have to make customer engagement your top priority to minimize the chance of letting your customers down.

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Simple yet powerful, the SneakPeek integration generates visual previews of the links agents send in the chat.

A preview consists of an image, a headline, and a short description. A visual representation of a link makes your messages more impactful and user-friendly, engaging customers in the conversation. No matter if you use link shorteners or send raw URLs, your customers will instantly know where the link will take them.

Test the app for free for seven days, and upgrade for $1.99 per agent a month after that.

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