Did I scare you? If not, maybe this treat will make your heart race a little bit faster. With Benchmark, our newest feature, you can see how your customer service measures up with average results from similar businesses. Scary and exciting at the same time, right?

Also, we prepared the video LiveChat a Halloween Special just for you. It’s a bit scary, so watch out to not spill your pumpkin spice latte all over your desk! Boo!!

Play with customers – it’s Halloween!

Halloween is a great time to play with the look of your chat widget. You can choose creative Halloween eye-catchers from our gallery or change your avatar to a scarier one. You can also greet customers with “trick or treat?” to make it even more fun. See how our customers do it!

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Working in customer service can be scary at times. Customers talking to you while there’s no internet connection, customers getting angry at you and haunting you in your nightmares… If that’s not enough, there are chatbots trying to prove they’re doing a better job than you. Goosebumps!

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Measure your customer service compared to similar businesses

With Benchmark, you can see how your customer service measures up to average results in similar businesses. Scary and exciting at the same time, right?

View the benchmark data in the following reports: total chats, chat satisfaction, chat duration, and response times.

Note: Benchmark is available for free only until the end of October. After that, it will only be available in Business and Enterprise plans.

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From the 30th of October everyone will be switched to the new design, and there won’t be any turning back. Here’s a description of everything that happened over the last few months. If you’re already using our new design – good for you, and we hope you like it!

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Whether in the Agent App or on the website itself, the Marketplace you used to know went through a total makeover. We introduced various categories to help you quickly find the apps you need.

For those of you who are about to start your LiveChat journey, we prepared a Starter Pack. It’s a collection of apps we always recommend to beginners. Wanna go a step further? Dig into the Staff Top Picks category, where we share top-notch integrations.

Looking for a service rather than an app? Check out Training and Experts.

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