Customer Happiness
Report 2014
The latest customer service trends for leading industries.
Prepare your customer service for the upcoming holiday season using the Customer Happiness Report. The report, based on the data from over 3,300 companies, offers commentary on good customer service practices in 25 major industries.
See how is your company doing when compared to the competition and what kind of approach toward customer service you should employ.
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Product updates
LiveChat product updates
Happy customers
Chat window themes
Pick a new face for your live chat using the chat window themes. There are currently four chat window themes to choose from.
Tickets rating
Get additional feedback about your customer service via ticket rates. Ticket requesters will now have the option to rate the received service. The rate request is sent three days after the ticket has been marked as resolved. Learn more…
From our blog
Creating an emotional connection with customers
Connection with customers
Customers are no longer concerned merely to satisfy their basic needs. They want to take consumption process to a higher level – they want anemotional connection with the brand. They want to experience something worth remembering and live better lives.
Happy leaders make for happy customers
Happy customers
Great customer service starts with the way you relate to your employees. When you care for your workers, it reflects in the service they provide.
Tips under 10 minutes: Analyzing chat greetings using the API
Using API
When looking to optimize your greetings for conversion, you might want to check out some of the advanced reporting methods available through LiveChat’s API.