Data-driven Support Management
Don’t guess when making customer service decisions. Measure the right metrics and react to them. Read our latest ebook to learn which metrics you should be tracking. The ebook comes with a free 7-day trial of the Enterprise reporting module.
Product updates
Simplified reports
The Reports section in the LiveChat app has been tidied up to provide a clear outlook on your statistics. You can now filter your reports by a specific agent or group. The filter settings are also remembered when you switch between different reports. Access reports…
Adjustable inactivity timeouts
You can now modify how your LiveChat reacts to inactivity. Chats can be automatically closed after a set amount of time. They can also be transferred after a set amount of time if the agent does not pick up the chat. Learn more…
From our blog
How to speed up communication in your company
The larger your team gets, the more communication problems you will face. One way to deal with this would be to write less emails. Another, more likely, is to use a tool like Slack to encourage instant communication.
What to learn from customers who leave
Just as you can’t make everyone happy, you won’t be able to keep all of your customers. When a customer stops using your services or products, it is important to ask yourself and the customer why did he or she leave.
They buried email alive, but it’s back – stronger than ever
Some marketers claim that email is outdated, others prefer using new channels like social media. What’s worth knowing is that email is still one of the top performing, cost-effective marketing tools you can use.
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