Reports Guides
Learn more about LiveChat reports and how they can help you tweak your customer service. These guides provide crucial information on how the report data is collected, calculated and how it can be interpreted.
Product updates
Android app update
Chat with your customer using the new Android app. This version includes the tablet view, new notification for returning visitors and minor UI and bug fixes. Download app…
Tag reminder
You will never forget to tag a chat again. A small notification will remind you to set a tag at the end of each chat. This will help you gather information about the cases you handle via LiveChat. Learn more…
From our blog
How to write a customer story
Sharing the success stories of your customers is one of the most powerful things you can do for your business. Learn how to approach potential testimonial-givers, prepare the story and promote it on various channels.
What your customers want in 2015
Understanding what influences customer experience is key to better customer service. Forget about 2015 trends, learn about your customers’ needs.
How to handle tickets faster: 4 ways to deliver a better service
Getting your chats and tickets rated is a good way of finding out if your support works. Seeing a good rate after a chat means that you did something well. More importantly, the bad rates help you spot places where you need to improve.
You and the customer: Beginner’s guide to 4 social styles
Customers vary in the way they approach us, talk to us (or don’t talk to us) and make decisions. Just as we differ in the way we deliver service to them. Most of the variety comes from different social styles we all use in contact with the outside world.
How to appreciate your employees
No matter the job we have or the industry we work in – we are all hungry for praise and starving for honest appreciation.
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