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LiveChat integrations
  Make your job easier
  with LiveChat integrations!
LiveChat integrations
     Did you know that you can solve a number of problems with
     a simple click? When using one of the available LiveChat integrations,
     everything seems easier! Here are a few examples:
LiveChat integrations
File sharing
Have you ever needed to split files across several emails because of the attachment size limit? With the Dropbox integration you won’t have to! Just send a link to the file in the chat window.
  Dropbox and LiveChat integration
Your customer can’t seem to find a particular payment option, holding him back from making a purchase? Help him by starting a co-browsing session with Firefly integration, guiding him through the purchase.
Automated email marketing
If sending a ton of followups manually takes too much of your time, try an alternative method. Automate your followup activities with a number of email marketing integrations.
  Email marketing
Isn’t this simpler? Check out these and other helpful integrations to make your daily work a pleasure!
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