Hi, did you know that visitors invited to chat are 6.3 times more likely to convert into customers than those that don’t chat?


At LiveChat, we might have been still working from home, but we’re working our socks off to make your daily work easier. For a long time, we’ve wanted to make greetings more engaging and interactive. That’s where Rich greetings come into play. Make the most of new ways to encourage visitors to chat with you.

With many businesses reopening in different parts of the world, we need to take extra precautions to keep the virus from spreading. ChatBot and Infermedica have partnered together to help scale up the COVID-19 crisis response.

On top of that, HelpDesk has just launched its Learning Space to help you master the art of business email writing. We’ve made our Shopify Integration even more robust with the addition of Customer Insight. Oh, and we’ve also released our new mobile apps for iOS and Android.

What's new for you

Engage more website visitors with interactive Rich greetings

Created to welcome and support visitors on your website, greetings display above a minimized chat widget and encourage visitors to start a chat. With all their benefits related to increased customer satisfaction and sales, we knew we could improve them even more. That’s how Rich greetings came into being.

Rich greetings

Rich greetings are more engaging and interactive. Play with the new interactive blocks and mix text, images, and buttons. Choose from the two available types of Rich greetings – Quick replies and Cards. Quick replies allow asking a question and defining replies that a user just has to click. Cards come with different types of buttons to help you sell, schedule meetings, or lead your customers through your website.

Create Rich greetings

LiveChat Lite is here

For some time, we’ve known that our mobile apps needed a fresh start. We collected feedback from our customers and improved both iOS and Android apps in a few different areas, including improved push notifications and faster launch times. We also fixed the connectivity and stability issues that occurred on slower mobile network connections.

We’ve made sure LiveChat Lite is compatible with Messaging Mode, our new way of handling chats by giving your customers and agents the freedom to reply whenever they want.

Our Shopify Integration has a shiny new addition. Customer Insight simplifies your work and contributes to an increase in conversion rate. When you talk to potential clients via live chat, access all the data related to a particular client, e.g., their tracking numbers or delivery statuses. On top of that, add and edit notes to chats without leaving the app.

Anytime you need to manage your cooperation with a client on Shopify, the Customer Insight will help you do that via the LiveChat Agent App. No more jumping in and out of the Shopify Admin panel.

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COVID-19 Risk Assessment Chatbot

More and more people are going back to work. It’s not uncommon for many people to still be afraid of catching the virus. To help ease your doubts, ChatBot and Infermedica have partnered together to help scale up the COVID-19 crisis response. The result of this cooperation is the COVID-19 Risk Assessment Chatbot that is free to use.

The solution can help businesses and organizations share verified information about coronavirus symptoms and take on additional protective measures after getting back to work. By combining Inferemdica’s COVID-19 triage-oriented screening protocol with the ChatBot technology, our teams created a solution that helps with self-evaluating the risk of infection.

The free COVID-19 Risk Assessment Chatbot is available as a ready-to-use template. It can be added to your website as a chat widget, easily integrated with Facebook Messenger, or connected with any other platform using our open API.

Get the chatbot

Apart from talking to your customers via live chat, you need to communicate with them by email every now and then. Writing a good business email can be a daunting task if you’re not used to it. After taking the 10 classes, you will know:

  • how to properly structure an email
  • tricks on writing effective email introductions
  • the importance of a clear call-to-action
  • why you should send follow-ups
  • what the best email marketing tools are
  • which email templates work

Take a look at the classes, and become a better business email writer. Sign up for a dedicated Learning Space newsletter to get information about new lessons and more courses that are on the way.

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