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We’re midway through 2020, and to say that this hasn’t been the best year so far would a big understatement. We’re all slowly adapting to the new normal on both personal and professional levels.

The ways of communicating between consumers and businesses are still limited. One of the ways to tackle those shortcomings is using live chat software. As always, we’re bringing you a few improvements to our product to help your agents use LiveChat more effectively.

Improved chat supervision

We’ve added ways to help you oversee the way your agents interact with your customers. Improve their workflow and increase customer satisfaction with two new modes that will make your chats go as smoothly as possible.

Private mode allows your customer service rep to respond to the chat supervisor. With this two-way communication, you’ll come to a resolution faster, and that’ll improve your customer’s chat experience and cut down on the average time it takes to handle each case.

Chat takeover lets you take over the conversation, either from a bot or your customer service rep (the latter requires the user to be an admin). Intervene with one click to quickly get the situation under control and support your customers without moving their case from a chat to a ticket.

Please note that the private mode and chat takeover are only available for customers using our Business or Enterprise plans.

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Rich greetings

SMS messages have a 98% open rate. Get noticed and communicate where it’s most convenient for customers.

Integrate Twilio with LiveChat to receive and reply to SMS text messages right in the LiveChat agent app. Your agents won’t have to learn a new interface, and they’ll be able to chat just as they do when customers contact them through other channels.

All you need to get started is a Twilio account and an eligible phone number (you can also get a number from Twilio). In a few clicks, your agents will be able to receive and reply to text messages using one or more telephone numbers.

Please note that the Twilio integration is only available for customers using our Business or Enterprise plans.

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I bet you’ve all heard about Success being the next big thing in the content marketing space by now. Just kidding. We know there’s a long way ahead of us, but we’re slowly getting there.

Success is an entirely new take on how we distribute our content and knowledge. We moved away from a traditional blog in order to provide more context and value. Success is a single place where you can keep up with the latest in the ever-changing digital business landscape. We focus on actionable, in-depth content that is easy to digest and apply to your work.

And, now, we want to deliver the best content that is handpicked by our editorial team and delivered right to your inbox. Sign up for the Success newsletter and never miss out on our top articles.

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Rich greetings tips and best practices

Last month, we showed rich greetings to the world. While we mentioned that they would help your company to be more proactive and engaging, we realized that we should give you more specific ideas on making the most of them. What’s the best way to do that other than giving you our best practices article?

Our in-depth guide discusses six different use cases and how to successfully implement rich greetings into various areas of running your business. Whether it’s lead generation, marketing automation, or scheduling appointments, we’ve got you covered.

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We’re doing our best to make our products work seamlessly. This time, the Chatbot team came up with the LiveChat Essentials template. It will help your agents improve the customer experience by automating repetitive tasks and routing chats when necessary.

The LiveChat Essentials template lets your agents add LiveChat-specific actions to your ChatBot Story. Your chatbot can transfer a customer to a human agent, create a ticket, and close the chat after the conversation is over. Using this template, your agents can add a human touch to your existing Stories and deliver a better customer experience.

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Giving feedback is essential to the growth of your agents. Words of encouragement, as well as constructive criticism, will help them become better at their craft. While providing feedback seems easy when you first think about it, things can go south quickly if you do it the wrong way.

How do you give feedback effectively while still making sure you don’t offend your agents? Of course, you’ll find various tips and tricks on the internet. But, to deliver feedback successfully, you also need to know what not to do. Read on to learn why sometimes giving feedback fails, even when you have the best intentions.

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Our Developer Platform team is happy to announce the release of version 3.2 of the Agent Chat, Customer Chat, and Configuration APIs. You can use our Messaging APIs to build apps that customize LiveChat to meet even the most demanding business needs.

Check out our Marketplace because there might be an app that already covers your use case. If not, feel free to post your request in the LiveChat Community. In addition to all of that, the Configuration API v3.2 brings long-awaited functionalities like managing agents and groups. Curious about technicalities?

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