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LiveChat Is Like an Open Book
They say sharing is caring, so let me tell you about all the exciting things that are going on at LiveChat!
From creating our own Help Center application, through the changes in the look of LiveChat to stepping into the world of our developers. Do I have your attention? Make sure to check everything out, as we know that you care about those things as well!
Olga Kolodynska
Content Writer
Olga Kolodynska

Help Your LiveChat Agents and Website Visitors at the Same Time
Help Your LiveChat Agents and Website Visitors at the Same Time
Here’s what you can do to help out your customers and speed up your agents’ work.
Create the public Help Center to provide round-the-clock self-service for customers on your website. Address the most common questions in articles and let your customers answer their questions on their own.
To find out more, check out the article about setting up your own Help Center. If you still have some questions or doubts, look for additional answers here!

Use 'Add to Reply' Buttons to Handle Your Chats Faster
Use “Add to Reply” Buttons to Handle Your Chats Faster
Once you set up your Knowledge Base, you can focus on speeding up your customer service even more.
Just use “Add to Reply” buttons: the one-click buttons that take the selected text or article’s public link straight to the chat or a ticket. To learn more, check out our official article dedicated to this feature!
Inside the LiveChat for Developers
The times when a single-purpose software is more than enough are over. At LiveChat, we understand that very well. We know that each and every business is unique. This is why we’re opening up.
We’re stating a new section in LiveChat Newsletter. Join us to build the LiveChat together!
Filip Jaskolski
Head of Developers Program
Filip Jaskolski

The Chat Widget
Customizing your LiveChat is now easier than ever. Let’s start with the Chat Widget!
We’ve recently released brand new Chat Widget Tools. With these, you can create some genuinely charming chat experiences. For those of you who develop mobile apps, we also get a fresh bundle of Mobile Widget Tools.
Not a technical person yourself? No worries! We’ve selected a range of LiveChat Experts, so you can lift off with your next customer success project with ease.
To see other areas in which we got you covered, keep an eye on the LiveChat Marketplace. Also, check out the latest release: the Chat Widget Themes!
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