Using LiveChat in nature during summer adventure? Or on a desktop computer next to your chatting tutor? If you’re stuck in the office, for you there’s also this notice.


Using LiveChat in nature,
On a summer adventure?
Or on a desktop computer,
Next to your chatting tutor?

If you’re stuck in the office,
For you there’s also this notice.
Show us how you chat,
Doesn’t matter where you at!

Be bold, be creative,
Dare I say be innovative.
On Instagram you must post,
A hashtag is crucial as butter on toast.

Win a shiny MacBook Pro!
No time to waste, so give it a go!

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Show us how you chat and win a MacBook Pro!

Post a picture or a video on Instagram showing how you chat and win a MacBook Pro! Use the hashtag #SupportHero.

The most creative Support Heroes will win a MacBook Pro or LiveChat gadgets! You have time till the 29th of September.

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Are you sending emails back and forth with customers to pick a suitable date for a meeting? Here’s how you can speed it up. Integrate with Calendly and let customers schedule with you directly in the chat widget. To do so, send a personalized invitation right from the LiveChat app.

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Factors that discourage users from using live chat

Our Research Team investigated why some visitors are unwilling to use a live chat option to contact a company. Unfortunately, it turned out that it’s not them… it might be you. Well, not the real you, but stock pictures you’re using or intrusive eye-catchers screaming, “I’m here!”

What do customers think about it and how to make live chat an integral part of your website?

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Why people go public with their customer service nightmares

People are often resistant to writing positive reviews on social media, but do something wrong once and chances are you’ll read about it the next day.

There are several reasons why customer service may not go according to plan. Your job is to recognize what caused a customer’s anger, why these emotions matter, and how to avoid that anger in the future.

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