Hi, take a look at how Apple Business Chat and asynchronous messaging will make the chatting experience more convenient for agents.


The last couple of weeks have been difficult for all of us. COVID-19 has turned the whole world upside down and affected all areas of our lives. While some industries are experiencing downtime right now, there are those of you that are as busy as bees. That’s because the people who would normally contact you face to face are now swarming around you in your live chats.

We’re here to help, and our teams are doing their best to continually improve LiveChat for you. With that in mind, we’d like to invite you to test out Apple Business Chat and join beta tests for asynchronous messaging.

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Connect with your customers using Apple Business Chat

There are over 1.5 billion Apple users worldwide, and now, you can connect with them faster than ever. Connect Apple Business Chat with your LiveChat account, and allow your customers to quickly chat with you via iMessage, just as they would while texting their family and friends.

They’ll see the chat option in Safari, Spotlight search, Apple Maps, Siri, on your website, your social media, in your iOS app, and now with Chat Suggest.

The integration (available only with Business and Enterprise plans) is free to use until May 31, 2020. Take it for a spin and let us know what you think.

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Do you like invitations? I do, and here’s another one. Want to take advantage of new LiveChat capabilities before anyone else? Join the beta test for asynchronous messaging. Improve chatting experience and give customers and agents the freedom to reply whenever they want.

Now, customers can message you and go about their day. When the agent replies, customers get notified at their email address. Agents handle messages and live conversations in one place – LiveChat. Restart any conversation, anytime you need. Stay in touch with customers on their terms to create lasting connections.

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Tips from our teammates

This time, we’re giving you some words of wisdom from our Head of ChatBot, Dariusz, who shares his views on how chatbots have the capability to transform what customer support looks like. Speaking of the customer support, check out what Piotr, our COO, has to say about the importance of customer support training for everyone in the company during the onboarding process.

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We all know businesses that struggle with providing top-notch customer service. Aldi is not one of them. Their slogan, “Shop differentli,” stands for, “A faster, easier, and smarter way to save money on high-quality groceries and more.” By combining it with smart communication techniques and careful market targeting, Aldi built a connection with its customers that many other businesses can only dream about.

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Many of you have been asking about our integration with Slack… Say no more! Now, our Marketplace offers not one, but two apps that bring LiveChat and Slack together.

Slack for LiveChat lets you connect LiveChat groups with Slack channels. For example, all chats from a Sales group in LiveChat could be directed to a #leads Slack channel. Also, the app supports emojis that we all love so much. 😍

With Slack Connector, you can invite other Agents to your chats on Slack. You send a request from LiveChat and your teammate receives a Slack notification. They can jump right in and supervise the chat. Sounds like a great way to handle difficult cases together.

There’s no need to make your choice right now. Test the integrations and pick the one you like more.

Speaking of apps, if you’d like to learn how to integrate with a chatbot of your choice, make sure to join our webinar in April: Building LiveChat Apps 101: Connect your bot with LiveChat using webhooks.

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