It was a great year for customer service. How do we know? We recently published a Customer Service Report 2015
A summary of last year’s customer service
It was a great year for customer service. The global average customer satisfaction amounted to 86.63%. How do we know? We recently published a Customer Service Report 2015.
We analyzed 65.6 million chats from over 8.400 companies in 21 industries. The report is pretty awesome!
Good average customer satisfaction score shows that companies care a lot about keeping customer service standards high. They constantly improve to provide the best service possible.
See what factors led to this customer service success and which industries are leading in different fields.
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best performers
We used several customer service metrics to measure the customer service efforts for the tested companies. We divided the data by industry, country, company size, purpose and audience.
Here are the main metrics results for best industries.
Avg. Customer Satisfaction
Web Hosting Global Average
94.95% 86.63%
First Response Time for Chats
Support Services Global Average
34s 58s
Handle Time for Chats
Professional Services Global Average
8m 14s 16m 35s
These industries are definitely onto something when it comes to delivering great customer service. Learn about their methods from our report.
It’s mobile friendly!
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Find out how your company did last year and compare your company’s stats with the industry results.
See if customers appreciated your help by leaving good rates during their chats.
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say about the data
The report is more than just numbers. We asked the best customer service experts, like Shep Hyken and Adam Toporek, to comment on the report. They explain the conclusions coming from various results.
That’s not everything. We also have a few fun facts up our sleeve.
Fun fact: The longest ticket response time we found for the report is 3 years. We really hope the agent has a good excuse.
It’s mobile friendly!
Olga Kolodynska
Content Specialist