Wrocław, Poland

9:00 AM | November 18th 2017

LiveChat Hackathon #3

Participant Terms & Conditions

General provisions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to participation in LiveChat Hackathon #3 scheduled to take place on November 18th, 2017. Agreement to these Terms and Conditions is a requirement of participation. Participation in the Hackathon is voluntary, but if you wish to participate you agree to be bound by this Terms and Conditions. Read them carefully as it is binding legal agreement. By registering to the Hackathon #3 you accept this Term & Conditions.

LiveChat Hackathon #3 (hereinafter referred to: Hackathon) is organised by LiveChat Software S.A. with its registered office in Wrocław, al. Dębowa 3 (53-134 Wrocław), which has been registered under the KRS identification number 0000290756 (hereinafter referred to: LiveChat). The competition will take place at LiveChat office (al. Dębowa 3 in Wrocław).

About the LiveChat Hackathon #3

Hackathon is advertised through a website: https://www.livechat.com/hackathon-3/. The registration to the Hackathon is made through the form available on the website.

The participation in Hackathon can be solo or in teams. One team (up to 3 people) is considered as one participant. It is required to bring your own equipment (laptop). Any language that can support websocket connection is possible to use. Event is free of charge. In the event of registering significantly more participants than organizer expects LiveChat reserve the right to modify the rules of participation about what each registered participant will be directly (via email) informed in advance.

During the competition each participant (solo or as a team) is asked to build an app, app extension or integration and present it to the jury. You will have to work with API of our newest product. The aim is to present the best, the more interesting, creative and useful features for the product with using API service. The project (the result) is supposed to work properly, otherwise it is not considered for evaluation. Each participant (solo or as a team) is given the opportunity to provide one brief presentation of their results to the jury. All creations must be done during the Hackathon at LiveChat’s office. The winner is the most interesting project which is done between 10am and 20pm. The winner is selected after the presentation by the jury composed of LiveChat’s employees. Every employee is entitled to 3 votes which can be casted on each project (one vote per one project). The project which gets the highest score wins the first place, the second score wins the second place, the third score wins the third place. The winners will be selected based on the quality of the project and the criteria as follows: creativity, utility, innovation, technical correctness, ingenuity.

The award for the first place is 2000PLN for each team member. The second place is rewarded with 1000 PLN for each team member, and the third place with 500PLN for each team member. The prize is awarded to an individual (if working solo) or the winning team (if working in teams). When the criteria and expectations of the jury are not met by any project LiveChat reserves the right not to grant the first place award. In such case two second places may be awarded. LiveChat and its affiliates, subsidiaries are not responsible for any disputes among team members concerning prizes.

You acknowledge you may receive access to certain confidential and proprietary information of LiveChat such as materials or information relating to current and future products and technologies. LiveChat retains ownership of such information and you are permitted to use such information solely for purpose of participating in Hackathon and no other purposes. You agree to use all reasonable efforts to maintain the confidentiality of such informations and not to disclose it to third parties that are not participating in the Hackathon.

Intellectual property

By taking part in the Hackathon participants warrant and represent that they are the sole creators of the submission (the result), and that the submission does not contain any copyrighted material of any third party and if so that they have obtained permission from all persons or copyright or trademark owners whose likeness, work or mark are depicted in the submission (the result). Participants agree not to submit any contribution that includes work owned by third party without their written permission. Participants agree to notify LiveChat if he/she become aware of any third party claim of infringement or any other circumstances which would make any of the foregoing stipulations inaccurate.

At the moment of the registration participant agrees that LiveChat and its affiliates, subsidiaries, may or will be engaged in development, preparation, acquisition, sale, use and/or other exploitation of ideas, products or services which include or are similar and/or identical to any features, ideas, material and/or elements contained in a submission (the result). At the moment of the registration participant grants LiveChat, its affiliates, subsidiaries, irrevocable, non-exclusive, worldwide, no-change, royalty-free, unrestricted licence to use, display and publicize contribution. This include the right to publicize the Hackathon contest winners. Participant agrees that LiveChat, its affiliates, subsidiaries may use the ideas contained in submission, and that LiveChat, its affiliates, subsidiaries have the perpetual, unrestricted right to do each of the foregoing, without entitling participant to any compensation or other right or remedy. At the moment the prize is issued the organizer acquires property rights to the competition winner work.

Other provisions

Participants agree that they may be photographed and/or recorded by or on behalf of LiveChat in connection with their participation in the Hackathon, and acknowledge that LiveChat shall own all rights in such photography and recorded video and sound (collectively ‘Material’). Each participant agrees that the Material may, in whole or in part, be used, reproduced, displayed, performed and otherwise exploited by LiveChat through any forms or media without payment of any compensation to, or further approval or consent.

Participants agree to the processing of his/her personal data by LiveChat Software S.A. with its registered office in Wrocław, its affiliates, subsidiaries, for the purpose of conducting the Hackathon, includes issues related to the distribution of prizes. Participants also give his/her consent to transfer personal data between entities which belong to LiveChat Software S.A., its affiliates and subsidiaries. Participants acknowledge that the personal data controller is LiveChat Software S.A. Participants acknowledge that he/she is aware he/she has access to his/hers personal data.

LiveChat reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any participant who violates these Terms and Conditions and/or acts in any way that would, in any way, discredit or harm the reputation of LiveChat. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and interpreted under the Polish law. By registering to the Hackathon the participant affirms that he/she has read, understands and agrees to be bound by the foregoing Terms and Conditions.