Rich Message via Customer SDK 2.0.1 throwing error

In earlier versions we could send Quick Replies and cards using Livechat customerSDK to agent , but in new version 2.0 same is throwing error. Has the support been removed?

Earlier used to send using method sdk.sendEvent({chatId:id,event:event})

event = {
“type”: “rich_message”,
“recipients”: “all”,
“template_id”: “quick_replies”,
“elements”: [
“title”: “You may choose from common queries below”,
“buttons”: [
“type”: “message”,
“text”: “Attendance and Leaves”,
“postback_id”: “send_message”,
“user_ids”: ,
“value”: “Attendance and Leaves”

Hi! I’ll talk with our devs and get back to you!

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Could you please tell me what kind of error do you get?

Hello, I’m also experiencing the same error. I’m using this “sendEvent” method and able to send as “message”. But when I use “rich_message”, it throws error "Error: missing ‘event’ object in payload although “event” object is there.

to send such event, you have to use this method

and then use

to send the customers response back

Let me know if that helps!


Thanks for the help.
I tried the method you recommend and I can able to send message from Agent.
However, in my case, what I want is the click event of the “rich_messages” buttons.
I am developing a custom LiveChat widget which I can do all customization using Customer SDK. I’ve connected it with ChatBot and the replies are from ChatBot. When user type a message and click send, I use “sendEvent” method and it works well. But clicking buttons doesn’t work with that way.
Please see the screenshot below for the event I’m trying to trigger.


Hi again :slight_smile:

Every button passed from chat bot has to have callback_id used in the method mentioned before rich_message_postback .
By calling this method you send back information which button has been clicked.

Let me know if you have any more questions!


I tried to use that method and I got “success” response but nothing more than that. I was expecting to send me back related Bot story message. I was listening the event incoming_rich_message_postback but didn’t receive the message.