Chat score from archives not machting with chat score from reports APIs

When counting the chats with score ‘good’ from the archives apis and comparing them to results from reports api, the results don’t match. For example in my case I’m using the chats archives apis v2 to fetch all chats of the date 2019-12-01 then counting the scores the a specific agent ‘’ gives me the result 45. But when using the reports api it show 50. Same happens for all agents. Why are the results not matching?

Hello @umer ,

All the discrepancies between v3 get_archives and /reports api occur because /reports are still based on v2.

Moreover, we already found the bug in v3 “get_archives” – indeed, it does not detect some chats. We are currently working on the solution, but due to the holiday season it may be delayed. We’ll get you informed when it will come up.