API 101: The basics of LiveChat Developer Platform 💻

Hello LiveChat Community! :wave:

We’d like to introduce new series dedicated especially to the developers that start their journey with our API. :computer:

In order to make it easier to start using our Developer Platform, we’d like to share some tips for making the most basic calls in form of step-by-step guides and video tutorials.

As we’re going to gradually add new ones, here are the first three:

API 101: Creating personal token

API 101: Exporting chat transcripts

API 101: Routing chats to a specific group based on location
:point_up: needed resources:
ready-to-use script
List of ISO 3166 country codes

Let us know what you think and what guides would you like to see in the future! :raised_hands:

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Lately, we’ve created another set of guides, we hope that they will be useful to you!

LiveChat API 101: Creating a custom chat bubble

LiveChat API 101: Routing to multiple different groups on the same page randomly or with varying intensity

If you can think about another things that you would like to know about our API, let us know in the thread! :point_down:

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We’ve prepared for you another brand new guide!

LiveChat API 101: Loading different groups for mobile and desktop on the same page

Check it out!

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Thanks to our inestimable @j.masternak, we present you another chapter of API 101!

This time, we described a process through which you can create a custom direct chat page :open_book:

Check it out!

API 101: Creating a custom direct chat link page with use of an iframe

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I come again with great stuff!

Recently, our technical writer – Oliwia, created a couple of videos that will help you learn the basics of Developer Console.

Check it out!

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