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8:00am PDT on Thursday, 20th August 2015

Turning data into satisfaction, part 2

with Daniel Zielinski and Kamil Czternaścik

More data mean more possibilities but only if you know how to use it. Tune in for our webinar series on effective data management to learn how you can translate information into better customer relations and support.

The webinar covers following topics:
  1. Why metrics matter,
  2. How to choose & create KPIs,
  3. How to manage support team using the data.
First part is available here.

Video from webinar

Questions asked during the webinar

File from the webinar:
Is it possible to export reports in the Team package?
The export feature is only available in the Enterprise package.
Does LiveChat support an integration with Domo?
Unfortunately, we don’t have an integration with Domo at the moment.
Here’s a list of available integrations.
What data can be exported from LiveChat?
You can export Chats, Tickets, Queue and Goals data. The full list is available in the Reporting options tutorial in our Knowledge base.
Where can I find answers to open pre-chat and post-chat survey questions?
The answers are attached to the corresponding chat transcript. They can be looked up in the Archives section.
Is there any limit to the number of question fields I can add to a pre-chat/post-chat survey?
There is no limit. You can add as many questions as you want. However, the more fields you add, the longer it takes to fill out a survey, so it might be good idea to keep it on the short side.
Is there any option to always require providing an email address from the visitor before a chat?
Sure there is. You simply need to to make the email field required. Go to pre-chat section, move your mouse over the email field and click on Required and then save the changes.
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Daniel Zielinski
Marketing specialist
Customer-focused guy. Daniel is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. A rebel to the status quo. He loves a challenge. Known to be a book freak and avid long distance runner.
Kamil Czternaścik
Kamil is our analytics Ace who does some heavy number-crunching for LiveChat. Kamil has something out of Sherlock Holmes in him: he knows how to spot subtle but crucial connection between sets of data which allows us to make more informed business decisions. Kamil is also one of those people who understand and LIKE Excel – what a freak!
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