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8:00am PDT on Thursday, 1st October 2015

Tips and Tricks – part 2

with Justyna Janowska and Daniel Zielinski

Get the most of your LiveChat. Following your feedback, we’re happy to share more LiveChat tips and tricks. Once again we will meet to show you some great, but somehow underused features, useful hacks and tricks to boost your LiveChat experience.

You will learn how to:
  1. Engage visitors using manual and automated greetings,
  2. Measure greetings effectiveness,
  3. Make best use of the chat archives,
  4. Get chat transcripts,
  5. Integrate LiveChat with Facebook and Twitter.
Q&A session after the webinar First part available here

Video from webinar

Questions asked during the webinar

Can you send images or screenshots through the chat window?
Yes, you can use the Filesharing feature and drop a file into the chat window or send it using the paper clip icon
Do you have mobile applications?
Sure. We have applications for iPad, iPhone and Android.
Can I remove this envelop icon from the chat window?
Yes, you can remove this icon by using custom CSS and adding it to the custom CSS box in the Theme section.
Is it possible to trigger the chat window automatically on a certain page only?
Yes, it’s possible to set your greetings to fire on a specific page address
Is there any limit to the number of greetings that can be sent to the same visitor?
Only one greeting is displayed to a single visitor when he or she is browsing your website.
I’m missing the goals filter in the Archives section. Why is that?
It’s because you haven’t configured any goals yet.
What limitations does the Starter package have?
You can’t fully customize the chat window and make use of the Reporting section. The access to each transcript is limited to 60 days only. The full list of available features can be found under this link
Can I automatically send a chat transcript to my customers?
Unfortunately, you can’t. The only option for customers to receive a chat transcript is to use the envelope icon themselves during a chat
Is it possible to have chats stay in archives for as long as we have our services?
There’s no expiration date on the stored chats unless you are using the Starter package. It allows you to access each chat transcript for 60 days only.
When I manually initiate a chat with a visitor, can’t I personalize the first text that appears?
The text for manual chat invitations can be changed in the Language section. It’s the same one that customers see when they start the chat themselves.
Can I remove the chat window completely from a certain page?
Yes, it can be done using the URL rules feature.
If I want to use the pop-up chat window, is the customer alway called ‘client’?
Yes, the Greetings functionality omits the pre-chat survey. So, customers go straight into the chat and are called ‘clients’.
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hosted by
Justyna Janowska
Customer Support Hero
Justyna is a natural when it comes to customer service. She handles all customer cases with great care and dedication.
Daniel Zielinski
Marketing specialist
Customer-focused guy. Daniel is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. A rebel to the status quo. He loves a challenge. Known to be a book freak and avid long distance runner.
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