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9:00am PDT on Monday, 3rd October 2016

Progressing with LiveChat, part 2

with Blazej Szperlinski

Grow your LiveChat-related skills to fine-tune your implementation during this webinar. Using the presented knowledge, you will be one step closer to creating a successful LiveChat.

The following topics were discussed during the second installment of the Progressing with LiveChat series:
  1. Customize the look of your LiveChat
  2. Set up chat surveys
  3. Manage your agents
  4. Improve your lead generation
  5. Handle available chat tools
You can check out the Slideshare presentation:

Video from webinar

Questions asked during the webinar

Do you have any tips for creating groups and greetings?
Group agents according to page sections. Your customer service people should handle general inquires from your main page, sales people can handle chats coming from your shop and your support agents in your knowledge base or FAQs.

Target greetings per group:
Sales should get chats from coupon discounts in greetings, visits on product pages and keyword identification.

Support should get chats from confused visitors who browsed 10+ pages, or those trying to find your number or e-mail on a contact page.

Customer service should rely on generic 20 second on page greetings throughout the browsing process.
We have our website available in two languages. Can we customize chat windows for both language versions?
Yes you can customize the website for 2 languages. Simply use the instructions available in the LiveChat for multiple websites and How to modify chat window language articles.
If we place two chat versions, one in English and the second in French, does the price change?
The price does not change.
Is it possible to store location information as a customer variable that could be stored in the archives section?
While it’s not possible to add information to LiveChat archives, it is possible to pass it dynamically to Agents via custom variables. It’s also possible to store them with transcripts in custom, API driven archives. Check out the API documentation for more information.
Could we possibly be provided with CSS examples/samples?
You can use this fully commented CSS file.
What is the best converting phrase to use in a greeting?
“Hey, here’s a discount coupon!” To be serious though, you just need to stick with open ended questions like “How may I help you?” instead of “May I help you?”
Do you have any stats on whether dynamic or static greetings work better?
Static greetings will get you around 15% visit to chat conversions and dynamic ones are reported to go as high as 25%.
When will testing for ticketing be live?
It’s already live.
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Blazej Szperlinski
Blazej worked in support at LiveChat. In his posts, he shared knowledge about how to implement LiveChat and using its basic functionalities.
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