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9:00am PDT on Thursday, 16th April 2015

Getting started with LiveChat

with Jakub Świerczak and Justyna Janowska and Daniel Zielinski

Learn how to get your LiveChat going, how to use agent’s app and get more chats.

The webinar covers following topics:
  1. Place LiveChat on your website,
  2. Get the applications,
  3. Chat with customers and create tickets,
  4. Navigate the settings,
  5. Get information from your archives and reports.

Video from webinar

Questions asked during the webinar

If there are no agents online, will a chat message be sent to all agents via email or can you direct it to one agent?
You can direct the email notification to one agent only by unticking the New ticket emails notification box in your agents’ profiles:
Setting up email notifications in LiveChat
Is there a way to download the post-chat survey data as a pie chart graphics?
No, such chart is displayed in the Reports section. You can export the data from LiveChat in Enterprise plan and create a pie chart graphic on your own though.
Can one agent have more than 6 chats at the same time?
Yes, one agent can respond to 99 chats at the same time.
How do I change the email address in my profile?
You can’t change an existing agent’s email, but you can create a new agent account with your new email and use it to log in from now on:
  1. Please go to and click the yellow “Add an agent” button.
  2. Provide the new e-mail address as the new Agent’s e-mail.
  3. Set right permissions, then log out, check the inbox associated with the new e-mail address and click “Launch app” in your invitation e-mail.
Can you pass an ongoing chat to another agent?
Yes, each ongoing chat can be transferred to other agents and groups.
Do you have any suggestions related to supervision?
Use it to type some suggestions to your colleagues. For example, ‘Tell them about our discounts”. It’s also a great tool for training newly hired agents.
Is it possible for every chat to be automatically ticketed and transferred to Zendesk?
Yes, you can have all your chat transcripts be automatically forwarded to Zendesk. You can set that up through
Can I initiate a chat myself or do I need to have to wait for a customer to do it?
You can initiate a chat with a customer by using the greetings feature. For example, you can invite a customer automatically when he or she enters a specific page. Additionally, you can invite customers manually from the Visitors section. Here is how you can set up greetings –
I want to have LiveChat on one of my sites created using WIX. Do I go through registration on your web site or just add it from WIX’s menu?
In order to connect LiveChat you need to create an account with us first.
Can I add LiveChat icon to my Facebook page?
Yes, you can chat with your fans directly through Facebook. Here is how
Can only administrators Supervise?
No, every user (including an agents) can use the supervision feature.
I notice that if I mark something as spam, all future messages from same email are filtered into spam folder.
Correct, if you mark an email (*ticket) as spam, all following emails from that address will be sent straight to the spam folder.
Are your applications available for Windows Phone?
No, we have mobile apps available for iPads, iPhones and Android devices.
Do you integrate with Zoho?
We don’t offer any native integration with Zoho, but you use our webhooks and API to create one yourself. Feel free to check
If you set up a greeting to be given to someone that comes from a specific url but you also have a greeting that pops up after they’ve been on the site for a certain amount of time, will the person get 2 greetings? And if not, which one do they get?
Sending multiple greetings to the same customer can become an overwhelming experience and can be considered as nagging. Because of this, you are allowed to send only one.
Can Live Chat notify you when a new chat has started?
Yes, there’s a popup and sound notification that will definitely let you know that there is a customer waiting for a reply.
Can you import Canned responses?
No, they need to be entered manually. Alternatively you can upload them via API (
Is there a dashboard for supervisors that lists all chats?
Yes, there’s one. It provides you with some key chat and ticket related metrics. It can’t be used to supervise ongoing chats though. You can use visitors tab on or login here
Do you offer remote access services we can use to take control of a user’s computer if needed?
Yes, we offer integrations with 3rd party co-browsing and desktop sharing apps like, TeamViewer or LogMeIn. Take a look on our app marketplace.
Is there any type of alert to notify you if chat is not available on your site? For example, if all agents set the Not accepting chats status?
No, there’s no such notification currently available.
Does a supervisor count as a concurrent agent?
Yes, regardless of their roles, all logged in agents counts toward to the number of “seats” used, which is the total number of agents that can be logged in to LiveChat at one time.
Can we email a link to chat in our marketing campaigns?
Yes, you can add a direct chat link to your email signature or marketing campaigns. It will open the chat in a separate tab.
How can I export data from the Pre-Chat survey?
Use our REST API ( to pull the details from the Pre-chat survey. Enterprise plan users can get the data using the Export option in the Reports section
Is there a way to mark a chat to be emailed without having to locate it in archives?
Yes, you can have your chats automatically forwarded to a given email address –
Is there any way to inform clients about exact hours and days of the week the live operator is standing by ready for help?
Yes, just edit the message that is displayed to your customers within the Pre/Post-chat survey and Ticket form – here is how
Do you have, or plan to have, a “Call me back” option?
We don’t plan on introducing such functionality.
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Jakub Świerczak
Key Account Manager
Fighting problems of our customers with passion and commitment. His work motto is “If our customers are happy it means I’m doing a good job”.
Justyna Janowska
Customer Support Hero
Justyna is a natural when it comes to customer service. She handles all customer cases with great care and dedication.
Daniel Zielinski
Marketing specialist
Customer-focused guy. Daniel is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. A rebel to the status quo. He loves a challenge. Known to be a book freak and avid long distance runner.
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