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9:00am PDT on Wednesday, 23rd March 2016

Dealing with difficult customers

with Marcin Borowski

You have them in every business – but do you know how to deal with them? See the webinar recording and find out! During the webinar, I discussed the most common kinds of difficult clients (and trolls, too!). After the webinar, there was a Q&A session. Be sure to also check out Olga’s blog post about 4 Types of Difficult Customers on Chat and How to Deal with Them and a lovely infographic she’s prepared!

Video from webinar

Questions asked during the webinar

How to respond to a customer who is bargaining with you? They seem to cannot afford the merchandise.
Change the way they view your product. People tend to treat the spendings as “money gone” – instead, show to them that your product is something that’s worth putting the money in. Also, try to cut them an extra deal, if possible!
The customer wants things done now. How do I tell them it cannot be done at the exact moment?
If you can, share the details of the flow your company has – it will be easier for the customer to understand once they realize the steps that need to be taken before their request comes to life.
What about “stalker” customers? The ones that keep coming back, open the chat and then close it again?
If you are sure those are not customers that will eventually talk to you, use the ban feature – you can do that either under “more” button or in banned visitors section
How to approach a customer that is swearing at us?
One of the ideas is not to acknowledge the insults and focus on solving the case with the customer. If they go really harsh on you, then it would be a good idea to politely ask them to stop.
You guys had plenty of questions, so not all of them are included in here. Be sure to check the Q&A in the latter part of the recording!
hosted by
Marcin Borowski
Support Hero
When not helping our customers, Marcin is fighting villains and saving damsels in distress during LARP (live action role playing) sessions. He’s a zealot when it comes to fantasy genre. Marcin is in charge of a LARP association called Fantazjada.
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