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8:00am PST on Thursday, 19th November 2015

Chat Branding and Customization

with Malgorzata Kika and Daniel Zielinski

It’s important for your chat window design to match the company’s branding. We’ll help you make your LiveChat stand out.

The webinar covers following topics:
  1. Getting started with chat window customization,
  2. Choose the right chat window for you,
  3. Chat button creation,
  4. Adding CSS styles to your chat window.

Video from webinar

Questions asked during the webinar

Can you have different colors set up for different websites on one LiveChat account?
Yes, you can use one account to put LiveChat on as many websites you like and each one can have its own design.
Is it possible to hide the chat on a certain page only?
Yes, it is doable. You can specify on which pages the chat will be disabled by setting up a URL rule. To do that, go to the URL panel. Decide whether only a specific website should be covered by a rule or not and select the turn LiveChat off .
Do we have control of how wide the chat window is?
Yes, in fact, you can change both width and height of the chat window by using CSS .
Is there any option to customize the notification sound that we hear when a new chat comes in?
Unfortunately, there isn’t. You can only disable this notification altogether.
Do I need the admin rights to access the Theme section to change the color of the chat window?
Yes, you have to login as Admin or the Owner. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see the Theme section.
How can I change my job title?
To edit your current job title, you need to go to the Agents section, select your yourself from the list of agents and click on the edit button. Next replace your current job title with a new one and save the changes afterwards.

Chat window customization
Customize your chat window with CSS

Chat buttons:

Chat button guide
Chat buttons test page

hosted by
Malgorzata Kika
Gosia can snipe difficult tech problems with the same proficiency and skill she displays when hitting targets at an archery range. In her spare time, Gosia drinks mead, wears leather armor and hunts goblins during outdoor LARP sessions.
Daniel Zielinski
Marketing specialist
Customer-focused guy. Daniel is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. A rebel to the status quo. He loves a challenge. Known to be a book freak and avid long distance runner.
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