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LiveChat updates

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17 September 2015

Managing chat on different pages using URL rules

You can choose which groups of agents will answer chats on particular pages of your website by setting up URL rules. For example, you can assign your sales department to chat with customers on your product pages.

URL rules update in LiveChat

To do this in the past, you had to add a group parameter to your LiveChat code. Now, you can use the same code on all your pages and decide which agents are going to chat on them using URL rules.

Using the rules you can also change the way LiveChat looks on different pages and websites, which is useful if you are running several websites with LiveChat on them.

You can even use the URL rules to disable LiveChat on certain pages from which you get a lot of low quality leads and spam chats.

You can set up such rules in the URL rules section of the app. If you want to learn more, we have a handy knowledge base guide ready.

20 August 2015

More visitor information in the Archives

Get the whole picture about your previous chats by looking up additional customer data right in the Archives. From now on, all archived chats include the following visitor information:

  • location of the visitor (city, region, country),
  • referrer website from which the visitor reached your website,
  • IP address of the visitor,
  • page where the chat begun,
  • group which handled the chat.

You can get this data in your chat Archives. Simply select a conversation and the information will be available at the bottom of the chat.

More visitor information in LiveChat Archives
9 July 2015

No more empty chats in the reports

Some of your website visitors click on the chat widget only to see how it works. With the pre-chat survey disabled, a chat with the curious visitor is started automatically and in such cases, visitors often do not enter any messages, because they don’t intend to start a chat at all.

Such empty chats led to major discrepancies in reports. As an example, when LiveChat reported about 100 chats on a given day, some of these chats could have been empty and the actual number of chats would have been lower. Moreover, conversations without any messages took up agents’ chat slots, so the agents couldn’t handle additional chats even though the visitor did not participate in the conversation.

After today’s update, with the pre-chat survey disabled, the chat is now started only after the visitor sends the first message. Automated greetings will work in the same way: the chat starts after visitor’s first response.

30 June 2015

New mobile chat window

Your customers can now use the updated embedded chat window when chatting with you from a mobile device. The new design will make chatting from a smartphone or a tablet a seamless experience.

New LiveChat mobile chat window for mobile devices

The new mobile chat window is fully customizable. You can use CSS to change its look and behavior. If you are using the embedded chat window, it will now open in the same window when accessed from a mobile device.

29 June 2015

Custom inactivity timeouts

You can now modify the time it will take for chats to turn inactive (gray circle).

You can either increase the inactivity timeouts if your clients tend to send messages less frequently or decrease it to free up chat slots more quickly.

Learn more about inactivity from our article.

Custom chat inactivity timeouts in LiveChat
11 June 2015

Clickable reports and post-chat surveys

You can now click on a number of reports to see the related chats and tickets. For example, you can see all chats made during a given day by clicking on one of the bars in the Total chats report.

Clickable reports in LiveChat

The clickable reports include: Total chats, Chat satisfaction, Chat duration, New tickets, Ticket satisfaction, Ticket first response time, Solved tickets and Ticket resolution time.

You can also click on pre-chat and post-chat survey results to bring up the related chats. For example, you can quickly find all chats in which customers didn’t get a solution.

Clickable post-chat report

To learn more about the clickable reports, check out our article on advanced reports functions.

27 May 2015

Agent activity report

Use the new Agent activity report to check when your agents were available for a chat.

The report is a graphical representation of your agents’ statuses. When agents are accepting chats, the appropriate portion of the graph is green. When they are not accepting chats, the representation will be red. Their offline time is represented by the gray color.

Agent activity update in LiveChat

This report is available for Enterprise and Enterprise Plus customers. You can learn more about the report from our knowledge base.

25 May 2015

Link preview in the chat window

A short preview of the link will be now displayed when an agent or a visitor posts a link in a conversation. The link preview can include the title of the webpage, a short description and a thumbnail.

Link preview in LiveChat
18 May 2015

Logging in with Google Accounts and 2-step verification

You can now log in to LiveChat using your Google Account. This makes starting your work faster as you don’t even have to type your LiveChat password.

The new Google Account option available when logging in

Additionally, Team, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plan users can now increase their security by using 2-step Verification. It changes the way you log in to LiveChat a bit: instead of simply providing your username and password, you need to log in with your Google Account and provide a security code that you receive via a text message.

Check out our article on 2-step verification to get more details and to see how to set it up.

2-step verification via Google in LiveChat
12 May 2015

Rate comments

Visitors can now provide short rate comments when they rate chat agents. The commetns will allow you to identify potential problems when the rating is negative and show you the actions that should be encouraged when the rating is positive.

The ratings are displayed in the chat window and can be reviewed in the Archives. You can use three new filters (Commented, Commented bad and Commented good) to reach chats with commented ratings more easily.

Rate comments option in LiveChat
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