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LiveChat updates

We like to stay fresh!
12 April 2017

Show the world that your Customer Service can be trusted!

Awesome customer service gives you a head start over your competition. Start promoting it with your new Quality Page and Quality Badge. Show that your Support Team is better than others!

Quality page

Enter the new Quality Badge category, available under the Installation section, and publish your Quality Page.

Publish your new Quality Page!

That will allow you to take care of two things – you can share your Quality Page on Social Media, like Facebook or Twitter, and use it as both:

  • Your team’s benchmark;
  • Your chat link.

Show your customers how well your team performs!

Combine these features to create a landing page your customers can trust. And what’s a better way to build your customer’s loyalty?

Quality badge

Under the Quality Badge category, you will also find the code for your new Badge.

New category at LiveChat - Quality Badge!

From there, you can copy the Quality Badge’s code and add it to your website. Show your customers that you are a true Customer Support Champion!

Show the world how good your Customer Service is!

We hope that you will like our new feature! At, you can let us know if you have any thoughts that you would like to share with us.

Also, if you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to start a chat with us – we are available 24/7!!

9 March 2017

Re-introducing Goals to LiveChat

We made a couple of changes to make Goals a bit simpler.

First off, Goals are now available in a new Ecommerce section in your LiveChat settings.

New Ecommerce section in LiveChat

The Goals section itself is now easier to use and gives you a quick access to the associated reports and all chats that ended up with a Goal.

The refreshed Goals section in LiveChat

You can use Goals to see how many chats end with a result like getting a sale or customer signing up for your services. Check out the new Goals section and start measuring your LiveChat wins!

16 January 2017

LiveChat Dashboard – now way faster and mobile friendly!

We know that fast and easy access to your team’s performance data is important to you. That is why we are introducing our improved Dashboard.

Click here to start using it right away!

New architecture

LiveChat Dashboard - now way faster!

We have completely redesigned our Dashboard’s architecture. From now on, it works faster and it collects data from your LiveChat more efficiently. It can also display data stored on your computer, in case that your internet connection went down.

LiveChat Dashboard for mobile

LiveChat Dashboard for mobile

Also, for the first time we are introducing a responsive design for our Dashboard. Feel free to use it on your mobile devices and quickly check the performance of your team – whenever and wherever you are.

Click here to learn more about LiveChat Dashboard. And, as always, don’t hesitate to tell us what do you think about it at

9 November 2016

Our Windows app just got a bit better!

At LiveChat, making things better is one of our primary goals – this time, it is our Windows app that is getting an update!

Our LiveChat Windows app just got a bit better!

From now on, your LiveChat will run much smoother, as we have made slight changes to the app’s code. Also, remember the time when the app refused to start again, after closing it on your device? We sat on it, and we can confirm that it’s gone now. We are sorry if you ever had this issue.

Click here to download our latest LiveChat for Windows app and let us know what do you think about it by sending us an email at

13 October 2016

LiveChat for iOS is getting an update!

You already know that, at LiveChat, we like to stay fresh – and so do our apps! Because of that, our new version of LiveChat app for iOS is here, ready for you to download it from App Store. LiveChat for iOS is getting an update!

With the new version, we have improved the app stability. We have also fixed few minor bugs, like crashing the app after login on iOS 8 and after login with the use of Google, which might have happened occasionally. Additionally, we made sure that the app will stay connected when using iOS 10 with your screen locked. Our sincere apologies if you have ever encountered any of those bugs.

Once again, any feedback from you will be greatly appreciated. Let us know what do you think by sending us an email at

27 September 2016

Our self-help just got better!

At LiveChat, we know how important it is to quickly provide you with the information you need. Whether through chat or self-help with the use of our Help Center, resolution time is what keeps you and your customers happy. That is why we improved the search engine of our Knowledge Base.

From now on, simply type a key word that you are looking for and see the results right as you type it. What’s more, the results are better than ever! That is because now we are looking not only through titles but also through the content of our articles.

Search Engine is now improved!

Visit our Knowledge Base and see how easy it is to look for the right article!

And, as always, we love to see some feedback from you, so feel free to drop us an email anytime at

22 September 2016

Direct chat link – now shorter and way more flexible!

Social Media are becoming more and more important in Customer Service. One of the reasons for that is the ability to send quick, short and straightforward messages via social channels. With that in mind, we have decided to make our Direct Chat Link shorter, so that you can blend it in with your Tweets or Facebook posts.

Direct Chat Link just got shorter!

From now on, when you see your customers in need, simply grab the shorter direct chat link and post it on your Twitter or Facebook. Simple “Have a problem? Let’s chat now! “ can work miracles!

Also, don’t forget to leave us feedback! Feel free to drop us an email anytime, at

5 August 2016

Zendesk integration tweak – now a bit faster and more convenient

LiveChat is like wine – it only gets better with time. That’s thanks to our wise developers, who are constantly looking for ways to make LiveChat better for everyone. And this small (but mighty) update to our Zendesk integration does exactly that.

Updated Zendesk integration

Our previous Zendesk integration was a bit of a bother asking for credentials before letting you create a ticket. We took the pain and keystrokes out of the process. You can now authenticate your Zendesk account with a single click and go directly to the task. Ta-da!

We hope you’ll find the change helpful. As always, any comments or feedback are welcome.

4 August 2016

We’d love to know you better

Have you seen our Customer Service Benchmark? If not, I think you should take a look. It’s a perfect source to see how you’re doing compared to others in your industry.

The Benchmark is there for a while, but it’s still not complete. Not without your company details…

With that said, we’ve created a quick form where all admins and the owner can complete the information about your company. It’s available right from the dashboard and you can update it as many times as you need.

Company details form

Please take a minute to tell us a bit about your business and how you’re using LiveChat and help us improve and personalize your experience with LiveChat.

We can’t wait to get to know you better.


12 July 2016

iOS app with 1Password integration

The latest LiveChat iOS app is out on the App Store now. There’s more than just bug fixes and stability improvements to look forward to. Version 2.4.9 introduces the 1Password integration, which makes it way faster and easier to log into the app.

LiveChat for iOS 2.4.9

Also new in version 2.4.9 is the quick support button. In the past, if you wanted to chat with us from your mobile, you had to visit With the new update, the support button is right there at your fingertips in your profile section. Take a look:

LiveChat quick support button

Finally, we’ve squished a few bugs, like the one where you couldn’t see last items on the visitors’, chats’ and agents’ lists. Also, gone are the days when the app used to log in automatically with cached credentials. It was bad. We’re sorry it ever happened.

As always, we’re curious to know what you think. Let us know your thoughts at or in the comments below.

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