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LiveChat updates

We like to stay fresh!
23 March 2018

New Chats section available

You can now start using the Chats section in the new and improved look.

The new chat list now stores ongoing, queued and supervised chats for easier access. It’s also capable of handling more than six chats at a time.

New chats section in LiveChat now available

Smaller changes include a clean look and new map for the Customer details section.

If you’d like, you can go back to the old look at any time using the switch in your profile menu.

Check out our latest post on the Chats section to find out more about these changes.

29 January 2018

Build Your Own Help Center!

You can now use our Knowledge Base integration to build a public Help Center for your customers!

Your own public Help Center is here!

Help Center: what does it offer?

With our Help Center you can create an exceptional help desk and adjust it to your needs, by being able to:

  • customize the URL, logo, colors, and headline of your help page;
  • integrate with Google Analytics;
  • decide which articles should be public.
Integrate LiveChat with Knowledge Base!

Check out our official page that will help you start off with your own! Also, stay tuned for additional features like:

  • AI-powered article suggestions;
  • quick and convenient add to reply button;
  • subtopics;

and much more!

26 January 2018

Chat Widget Themes for LiveChat Marketplace!

The whole new way of customizing your chat window is here! LiveChat introduces Chat Widget Themes: a brand new section of LiveChat Marketplace, where you will find all the right tools to make your chat look better than ever before!

Chat Widget Themes for LiveChat Marketplace!

Chat Widget Themes: what it’s all about?

You access the Chat Widget Themes section by simply going to LiveChat Marketplace. There you will find our brand new Chat Widget Themes section.

Access Chat Widget Themes straight from LiveChat Marketplace!

See which theme will be the best for you and, with just a click, install it on your LiveChat. What’s more, if you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can create your own theme based on our detailed documentation!

Click here to check out our official Chat Window customization guide. And, if you will still have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via chat!

21 December 2017

See the Value of Your Chats with Sales Tracker

You can now see which chats end with sales thanks to the new Sales Tracker. Add it to your product pages to monitor when a chat leads to a successful checkout.

Sales tracker for LiveChat update

Whenever a customer makes a purchase after a chat, all the transaction information like order ID or order value will be added to the chat thanks to the Sales Tracker. You can look it up in your Archives or check out the big picture in the new Sales Report.

These will help you see which agents, pages and products bring in the most revenue! Monitor these metrics, make tweaks to your sales funnel and see how much you can improve week over week with the new Sales Tracker.

For more information, head to our Sales Tracker guide.

23 October 2017

LiveChat Apps Marketplace and Better Notifications

A whole new way to customize your LiveChat is now available! The Apps Marketplace gives you the option to choose which custom features, additions and integrations you want to add to your LiveChat.

LiveChat Apps Marketplace is now available

Right now, Owners and Administrators can use the Marketplace to pick and choose from all of LiveChat’s integrations with various 3rd party tools but more options are coming!

Make sure to check out the Apps Marketplace yourself.

In other news, we’ve also added better notifications for the number of new tickets and the number of online visitors. They now both look like the notification for the number of chats which is a lot clearer and easier to read.

Better Tickets and Visitors Notifications in LiveChat
20 October 2017

Get your chat ready for the Holiday season

Get into the Holiday spirit and choose one of the 12 new holiday-themed eye-catchers.

There are 6 spooky eye-catchers for Halloween and 6 merry ones for Christmas. Your customers won’t be able to resist to click them!

Holiday eye-catchers in LiveChat

Check out the new eye-catchers and change yours for the upcoming Holidays!

3 August 2017

We’re updating our Privacy Policy!

At LiveChat, we care about the security of your data. Now we are about to achieve another milestone, by updating our Privacy Policy!

LiveChat's Privacy Policy is getting an update!

What it’s all about?

We are announcing that we will participate in the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield programs. What it basically means is that your personal information stored at LiveChat will be more secure when transferring them from EU and Swiss to United States.

What it also means is that your data will be collected and processed in compliance with all Privacy Shields Principles.

LiveChat will participate in Privacy Shield programs!

Click here to read our updated Privacy Policy – we strongly encourage you to do so!

As this is the important topic, we know that you may have some questions – feel free to start a chat with us! We will do our best to resolve all concerns that may cross your mind.

28 July 2017

Get More Leads with Our New Eye-Catchers!

Making your chat stand out is one of the best ways to get more leads. That’s why we are introducing our new eye-catchers!

Get more leads with LiveChat Eye-catchers!

To use them, simply visit the Eye-catcher section of your LiveChat and browse through our extensive gallery. What’s more, you can upload your own eye-catcher, making sure that the chat will become one with your website’s layout!

LiveChat Eye-catchers

Feel free to start a chat with us and tell us what you think! You can also leave us feedback at Each and every opinion is valuable to us!

25 July 2017

Our Quality Page and Badge is getting an update!

Quality Page

We are introducing two new metrics:

  • Total ratings;
  • Average first response time.

You can now inform your customers how efficient your Customer Service is and how satisfied your customers are. Also, it’s a first time ever when we are introducing average first response time metrics for customers who are not using our Enterprise plan.

LiveChat Quality Page is getting an update!

Not only that, you can now divide your Quality Page by department, just as you can do with your LiveChat – including translating your page based on your account’s settings.

Quality Badge

When updating our Quality Badge, we wanted it to match your website’s layout – that is why we are introducing new themes for your badge.

Our Quality Badge is getting an update!

We have tweaked the rules granting the Quality Badge as well. From now on, all that it takes is to have at least 10 chats with the overall satisfaction of 70%. We are introducing a star system as well, allowing you to bump the score represented on a badge.

New star system for Quality badge

We hope that you will like our updated features! Also, click here to read a full stack article, describing our Quality Badge and Quality Page in detail.

Don’t hesitate to start a chat with us – we are available 24/7/365!

29 May 2017

Be More Secure with LiveChat

You will now get a warning whenever a visitor tries to share a file with you that could be a potential security threat. 
This includes all MIME type files that could hurt your computer.

Be more secure

Be More Secure with LiveChat

You can get access to the file regardless of the warning by clicking on the Get access button. Otherwise, the file will remain locked and no agent will be able to access it accidentally, neither in chat, nor in the Archives.

Worry less about files received during a chat!

Feel free to leave us feedback at – we will truly appreciate it!

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