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Livechat: No more empty chats in the reports
9 July 2015

No more empty chats in the reports

Some of your website visitors click on the chat widget only to see how it works. With the pre-chat survey disabled, a chat with the curious visitor is started automatically and in such cases, visitors often do not enter any messages, because they don’t intend to start a chat at all.

Such empty chats led to major discrepancies in reports. As an example, when LiveChat reported about 100 chats on a given day, some of these chats could have been empty and the actual number of chats would have been lower. Moreover, conversations without any messages took up agents’ chat slots, so the agents couldn’t handle additional chats even though the visitor did not participate in the conversation.

After today’s update, with the pre-chat survey disabled, the chat is now started only after the visitor sends the first message. Automated greetings will work in the same way: the chat starts after visitor’s first response.