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Livechat: Our Quality Page and Badge is getting an update!
25 July 2017

Our Quality Page and Badge is getting an update!

Quality Page

We are introducing two new metrics:

  • Total ratings;
  • Average first response time.

You can now inform your customers how efficient your Customer Service is and how satisfied your customers are. Also, it’s a first time ever when we are introducing average first response time metrics for customers who are not using our Enterprise plan.

LiveChat Quality Page is getting an update!

Not only that, you can now divide your Quality Page by department, just as you can do with your LiveChat – including translating your page based on your account’s settings.

Quality Badge

When updating our Quality Badge, we wanted it to match your website’s layout – that is why we are introducing new themes for your badge.

Our Quality Badge is getting an update!

We have tweaked the rules granting the Quality Badge as well. From now on, all that it takes is to have at least 10 chats with the overall satisfaction of 70%. We are introducing a star system as well, allowing you to bump the score represented on a badge.

New star system for Quality badge

We hope that you will like our updated features! Also, click here to read a full stack article, describing our Quality Badge and Quality Page in detail.

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