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Livechat: Introducing Bubble – new theme for the minimized chat window
17 March 2016

Introducing Bubble – new theme for the minimized chat window

Here’s an update you’ve probably been waiting for as much as I did. Today we’re rolling out a new theme for the minimized chat window. We call it Bubble and it looks like this:

LiveChat bubble theme

Apart from the looks and a cute name, it also has some benefits. First of, it takes less screen space, which is already tight on mobile devices. Actually, that’s where the idea sparked from. Initially, the Bubble was meant for mobile alone. It started as a greeting on mobile websites, but people liked it so much that we decided to expand it to the web.

With the Bubble, your chat window on the web can now appear the same as on mobile. It gives your website visitors a unified experience across both platforms making your chat easier to spot and use.

To get the look, head to Setting in your LiveChat admin panel, and under Theme select bubble. Click Save and Voila – you have the new theme in place.