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LiveChat updates

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26 April 2023

Stay ahead of the game with Performance overview

Performance overview gives you a bird’s-eye view of chat and agent activity, plus tips on how to improve your customer service. Your LiveChat's vitals at a glance Check it every Monday to get insights into what’s happening on your license. It’s a great way to see how your team is doing, how happy your customers are, and how busy your chat is.

Performance overview metrics include:
  • Total chats
  • Satisfaction
  • Efficiency
  • Response time
It will help you see what’s working well and where you might need to make some changes. For example, you might find that some agents need a little extra training, or that your customers are waiting too long for a response.

Overall, checking your Performance overview each week is a smart move if you want to keep your customer service running smoothly. So take a peek every Monday and stay on top of things!

See Performance overview in your LiveChat Agent App.
Learn more about Performance overview in our Help Center.
15 March 2023

LiveChat introduces AI text suggestions

The newest addon to your chatting application is here, and it’s all about the newest trend – automation.

AI text suggestions enhance agents’ writing by matching the tones of the messages to the customers’ situations. Thanks to these smart edits, you can rest assured that all messages are in line with your company’s voice!

The automation comes with useful editing tools, allowing you to rephrase, summarize, or expand your messages. It will correct your grammar and spelling mistakes and even generate texts based on your input on the spot!

AI_text_suggestions AI text suggestions can:
  • Change message tones (professional, friendly, casual).
  • Match texts with your company voice.
  • Expand, summarize, and rephrase messages.
  • Automatically correct grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Generate texts based on your input.

Need convincing? The post you’re reading right now was written with AI assistance as well!

Learn how you can benefit from it in LiveChat Help Center.
1 March 2023

Work faster with suggested and private canned responses

Canned responses are a great way to speed up your work without compromising accuracy. Now you can shift speed and personalization into a higher gear with suggested and private canned responses. Work faster with suggested canned responses With suggested responses, LiveChat can suggest the appropriate response based on what is happening in the chat. You can set them for
  • when the chat is started
  • when the chat is transferred
  • when the chat goes idle
  • when the chat is rated good
  • when the chat is rated bad
and save your team the effort of looking for the appropriate response.

Add personal character to your chats with private canned responses. Your team’s list of canned responses will remain intact, while your private responses will appear at the top of the list you see in chat.

The view of Chat section in the LiveChat Agent App with a private canned response indocated. Try it out in the LiveChat Agent App.
Learn how to set it up from our Help Center.
19 December 2022

The improved Agents section is now Team

The Agents section in the LiveChat Agent App, the one with the list of all the people and chatbots in your LiveChat, has received a major UX upgrade and a new name. Behold Team!
Improved Agents section is now Team The most spectacular change is the new Work Scheduler. You can now:
  • set the working hours for whole groups of agents in one go
  • and set multiple breaks.
In the new Team section, you can also:
  • Add whole groups of new agents by copying and pasting agent emails.
  • Manage multiple agents’ availability with just a few clicks.
  • Access the most vital Agent actions from the main view.
Check out the new Team section in the LiveChat Agent App.
Read more about the new Work Scheduler.
See how you can now manage Agents and Groups.
9 June 2022

Find Your Way Through Reports and Archives With New Updates

What’s more important than useful analytics? Nothing! That’s why we’ve upgraded the filtering options in Reports and Archives, so you can better enjoy exploring all that data you’ve accumulated.

The update adds a brand new country filter, along with “exclude”, “and” & “or” logic. This allows you to group different chats, look at your reports from a different angle, and draw original conclusions by comparing data in a new way.

Furthermore, we’ve added quality life improvements, like custom time periods for heatmaps, intuitive days navigation in the Agents activity chart, and seamless transition between reports and archives data.

Check out the full description of the improved Reports.
5 May 2022

Tailor your website’s chat widget with the new live editor

Online shopping is good and all, but there really is no better way to get the perfect fit than by trying new things directly. We totally get it, and our live editor is proof of that.

Thanks to the configurator, you can accurately match the look and position of your chat window with your site, creating a seamless “built-in” look. That’s a quality of life improvement if we ever saw one!

What you get with the live editor:
  • Full-size chat preview directly on your website
  • Adjustable on-site appearance, including theme, colors, position, and offsets
  • Color picker — easily import your website’s background color into the chat widget
  • Configuration preview without the need to save the settings
  • Dark mode switch, along with a preview of the new look
Explore the live editor settings. Learn more in our Help Center.
13 April 2022

Handle HelpDesk tickets in the LiveChat mobile app

Now all the benefits of HelpDesk are available on the go!

Update HelpDesk tickets in the LiveChat mobile app With this new update, you can access your HelpDesk tickets in the LiveChat mobile app. HelpDesk powers up the asynchronous portion of your customer service, and LiveChat mobile enables you to handle it whenever and wherever you want.

With LiveChat mobile, you can
  • Create tickets from chat,
  • Reply to customer’s tickets,
  • Assign tickets to agents or groups,
  • Add people in the loop,
  • Follow relevant tickets,
  • Mention team members,
  • Add priority tags, notes, and images.
Manage your HelpDesk tickets wherever you are, whenever you have a moment with the LiveChat mobile app.

Download LiveChat mobile from App Store, Google Play, or AppGallery.
Read more about how the LiveChat mobile app can improve your everyday workflow.
31 March 2022

Chat Widget supports drag and drop

Now your customers can drag and drop files into chat.

Drag and drop files in the chat widget We’re on a mission to make communication easy, accessible, and intuitive. Drag and drop shortens the attachment process, making the chatting experience all the more pleasant for your customers.

Let your customers attach files in chat.
Read more about file-sharing in our Help Center.
17 February 2022

Handle tickets in the LiveChat mobile app

You can now handle LiveChat tickets in the LiveChat mobile app for agents.

Ticketing system in the mobile app Whether the tickets are your primary means of communication with customers or you only use them for more complex cases, you now can:
  • Create tickets from chat
  • Reply to customer’s tickets
  • Assign tickets to agents or groups
  • Add people in the loop
Manage your tickets wherever you are, whenever you have a moment with the LiveChat mobile app.

Stay tuned if you’re using the integration with HelpDesk, as we are putting the finishing touches on this feature in the LiveChat mobile app.

Download LiveChat mobile from App Store, Google Play or AppGallery.
Read more about how the LiveChat mobile app can improve your everyday workflow.
2 February 2022

Messaging Mode takes over the steering wheel

Availability can be a real struggle nowadays. We are often expected to give our full attention to so many things at the same time. And we still need to sleep now and then.

No worries, LiveChat’s got you covered! Messaging Mode is all you need to maintain engaging support during offline hours.

Messaging Mode is a feature that allows asynchronous communication with your visitors. Basically, they can send you a message even if you’re not available, and you can send a reply while they’re away from their desks. The chat history is loaded for both recipients whenever they go back to the conversation. Just like social messaging!

What you get with Messaging Mode:
  • Full time chat availability. Enable customers to start a chat and reply to messages whenever they want.
  • Connections that last. Manage your chats with customers by replying to conversations anytime.
  • Better insight on your chat traffic with heatmap report, which can now track data from chats started during offline hours.
  • Offline and online conversations combined into single chat history.
  • Natural customer experience. Business chats that perform just like social messaging.
  • More leads captured when you’re offline.

Interested in the modern approach to communication? Learn how to enable Messaging Mode.
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