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LiveChat updates

We like to stay fresh!
22 December 2021

Embrace the night with improved dark mode

We’re proudly introducing an even darker mode in LiveChat. The new version covers all of the chat widget elements, including text areas, targeted messages, forms, rich messages, and buttons.
Improved dark mode in the chat widget Dark mode is a chat window modification that inverts colors, displaying light texts on dark backgrounds. The result is easier on the eyes, especially during nighttime, improving user experience and accessibility of your chat widget.

This update is only a first small step in a big plan to enhance our chat widgets. Expect more news from us soon!

See how to enable dark mode.
20 December 2021

Queued chats now display visitors’ questions

With our newest update, agents no longer have to guess queued visitors’ queries before choosing to chat with them.

Visitors can type their first message while waiting in the queue, and agents can immediately see it in the LiveChat app. Prioritizing pending chats got much easier, and the user experience that much better.

What you get with the queue update:
  • Much better experience for visitors as they no longer need to wait in a queue to state their query.
  • Interactive queues appear more attractive to visitors, increasing the number of chats you get.
  • Shorter chatting time. Agents will be able to prepare for visitors’ cases before picking them up from a queue.
  • Agents can quickly spot urgent issues, giving them more control over the queue.
  • Better engagement reduces the chance of customers leaving your queue. Visitors who stated their query will more likely stay on the line to get it resolved.

Find out more about the queue in our Help Center.
9 November 2021

Ask for email: set up an inactivity message

We are always happy to deliver features requested by our customers, and Ask for email is exactly such a feature. Now you can set up a message that will be automatically sent to the customer when an agent does not respond within a set amount of time, or when your agents are offline. Ask for email Ask for email allows you to set up an automatic message to inform the customers that your agents are busy at the moment and ask for contact information. You can also set up the time after which such a message is to be sent.

In Messaging Mode, this feature allows you to obtain or confirm the customer’s contact information when your agents are offline.

Check out the Ask for email tutorial in our Help Center.
29 September 2021

Use QR code to redirect customers to your chat

Make communication even easier and let your customers reach you any time they need.

Get your chat QR code From now on you can use a unique QR code to redirect your customers to your chat. Just download the code and add it to your order or stick it on a package. When they scan the code with their phone, your customer will be immediately redirected to your chat page.

Customize the text next to your QR code to let your customers know how to use it.

Learn more about chat page.
14 September 2021

Now your customers and agents can paste files into the chat

Your agents can now effortlessly paste pictures, PDFs and other file types from the clipboard straight into the chat, and your customers can do the same in the Chat Widget.

Share files from clipboard Use keyboard shortcuts (Control+C, Control+V for Windows and Command ⌘+C, Command ⌘+V for Mac) or right-click on the file and pick the command from the menu. Then, review the preview and confirm the upload to make sure you always send the intended files.

Read more about file sharing in LiveChat.
11 August 2021

New Routing Rules

We’ve given the URL rules in the LiveChat Agent app a makeover. You can now route chats to specific agents based on geolocation, in addition to the URL or domain. You can also specify the priority of the rules by changing their order on the list.

Routing rules view in the LiveChat Agent app

Routing rules let you:
  • Make sure that your customers chat with the right team, e.g., those on product pages chat with Sales, and those on self-help pages chat with Support.
  • Customize the Chat Widget on multiple domains.
  • Support multilingual customers by routing chats to groups of agents based on the customer’s location.
Upgrade to the Business plan and start routing your customers based on location now.
Learn more about routing rules in our Help Center.
Try out the new configurator in the LiveChat Agent App.
20 July 2021

LiveChat’s Chat Widget performance is now better than ever

Over the last few months we’ve been working hard to improve the performance of LiveChat’s Chat Widget. We optimized the size of the Chat Widget code and its loading speed. Improved Chat Widget performance In general, any additional code added to your website will make it heavier and slow down its loading time. This in turn may affect your SEO ranking or impact interactivity from the user’s perspective. LiveChat is a responsible third-party provider, and as such we strive to deliver the lightest code and shortest loading time possible without compromising the end-user’s experience.

We achieved this by decreasing the size of the Chat Widget and adjusting the way it’s loaded on your website without changing how the application behaves on your website.

For more details on how it works and why this is important, check out the article over at Success by LiveChat.
For a technical deep dive on this, check out our Developers blog.
18 June 2021

LiveChat mobile app now works on tablets

Install the LiveChat mobile app on your iPad or Android tablet and enjoy mobility without compromising on features.

The view of the LiveChat mobile app for tablets with a caption 'LiveChat app for tablets' The LiveChat Agent app is now available on all devices, desktop or laptop, phone or tablet — you need it, we’ve got it.

With the LiveChat mobile app on your tablet or iPad, you’ll not only be able to chat with your customers wherever you are, you’ll also be able to
  • monitor the traffic on your website,
  • handle chats from multiple channels,
  • personalize notifications,
  • manage your team,
  • and much, much more.
Check out the full list of features.
Download the LiveChat mobile app for iOS and Android.
16 June 2021

LiveChat’s Chat Widget is accessible

As a responsible third-party provider, here at LiveChat we are committed to breaking down barriers in communication. This is why we are proud to announce that, after much work and testing, our Chat Widget is compliant with WCAG 2.1 level AA.

This means that the Chat Widget and targeted messages are now
  • fully keyboard-accessible, which means that customers can access all navigable elements via a keyboard.
  • accessible to text-to-speech readers, which makes the Chat Widget accessible to visually impaired customers.
  • all customizable default colors have a contrast score of 4.5:1 or higher.
Check out our VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) from Deque.
Read our LiveChat guide to accessibility in our Help Center.
Follow our Developers blog over the next few days for a deep dive into the process of making the Chat Widget WCAG compliant.
27 May 2021

Choose the right workflow for each team

Now you can set Automatic assignment or Manual selection per group and match chat assignment to the workflow of each team.
Update: Chat assignment settings. At LiveChat we know that the optimal workflow differs from team to team. Some agents handle chats from customers all day, every day. Other agents have fewer customers on chat, so they take care of tickets or answer phone calls or look into technical matters for customers.

Now you can have your Sales team on Automatic assignment so that they’ll receive a chat as soon as they have an open slot. Your Tech Support can be on Manual selection, which allows them to finish their ongoing task while the customer is waiting in the queue.

We have also changed the name of this feature from Chat routing to Chat assignment, in preparation for more exciting improvements coming soon.

Read more about chat assignment in our Help Center.
Try it out in the LiveChat Agent app.
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