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LiveChat updates

We like to stay fresh!
Livechat: Edit surveys with rich text formatting
25 February 2021

Edit surveys with rich text formatting

We’ve added a simple text editor to our surveys and forms so that you can make your forms more intuitive for your customers. For example, you can now easily link to your full Privacy Policy in the GDPR consent in the pre-chat survey.

Edit surveys with rich text formatting

From now on, when you go to edit your pre-chat survey, post-chat survey, queue or offline form, as soon as you start typing the message the editor appears, showing the available options. Depending on the type of field, you’ll be able to use:

  • Bold font
  • Italics
  • Numbered lists
  • Bullet points
  • Hyperlinks

Try it out in Settings>Chat surveys and forms in your LiveChat agent app.
Learn more about the new editor here.
Livechat: Sell better with Customer Insight for BigCommerce
23 February 2021

Sell better with Customer Insight for BigCommerce

The newest version of Customer Insight for BigCommerce allows you to see more than just your customer’s cart the moment they come to chat. Now, you can also access previous orders and send tracking info while in a chat with the click of a button.

List of BigCommerce orders in the LiveChat agent app's chat view

But that’s not all. We’ve added a Page Builder widget to our BigCommerce integration. Place an additional button at strategic stages of your customers’ journey to make sure they know they can contact you at every step of the way.

BigCommerce Page Builder view. Arrows point to LiveChat custom contact  button widget, and the button on the preview of the BigCommerce store

The LiveChat app for BigCommerce is available to install from the BigCommerce Marketplace.
Learn more about Customer Insight here.
Learn how to connect LiveChat to your BigCommerce store in our help center.
Livechat: Apple Business Chat: Let customers contact you where they are
2 February 2021

Apple Business Chat: Let customers contact you where they are

Apple Business Chat allows your customers to connect with you via the Messages app and your agents to handle chats in the LiveChat Agent app.

Seamless experience for your customers: With Apple Business Chat, you can add a chat option for your company in Maps, Siri, on your website, your social media, or in your iOS app. Additionally, with Chat Suggest, you can offer a messaging option when iPhone users tap on your company’s phone number.

Seamless experience for your agents: They still handle chats in the LiveChat Agent app simply by integrating the new channel into their workflow. If you are using our ChatBot, it will handle your Apple Business chats as well.

Apple Business Chat lets you:

  • integrate chat buttons into iOS apps
  • use List Picker
  • use date and time picker
  • open other iOS apps in chat
  • accept payments in chat
  • verify identity in chat
  • chat across Apple devices
  • The integration is available in Business and Enterprise plans.
    For instructions on how to install and configure Apple Business Chat, visit our Help Center.
    Livechat: Get more leads with Mailchimp Newsletters
    9 December 2020

    Get more leads with Mailchimp Newsletters

    We know how important it is to gain new newsletter subscribers. Now, you can promote your newsletter in a greeting or announcement. With the new Mailchimp Newsletters, you can invite the visitors of your website to subscribe to your newsletter or your campaigns. When they hit subscribe, the signup form opens right in the chat widget, making the whole process completely seamless.

    Interested? See our installation guide.
    To learn more about targeted messages, see this article.
    Don’t miss other ways greetings and announcements can benefit your business.
    Livechat: Chat section upgrades
    9 November 2020

    Chat section upgrades

    We’re always working to make your work easier and your customers’ experience even better. The newest upgrades to the Chat section of the LiveChat Agent App are here to do just that.

    You can now pick from over 1000 emojis in 8 categories straight from the text area in the Chat section, and make your customer communication go beyond words.

    We also upgraded the canned response picker. Now you can add a new canned response straight from the picker, and divide the list of responses into groups. Find the response appropriate to the task at hand quicker, without having to remember multiple shortcuts, and use the time saved to pick the emoji to customize your canned response 😉

    Try it out in the LiveChat Agent App.
    Learn more about canned responses here.
    Livechat: Sign up and sign in with Apple, Google or Microsoft
    14 October 2020

    Sign up and sign in with Apple, Google or Microsoft

    A while back we introduced LiveChat Accounts and revealed our new login page. To increase convenience without compromising security, we are adding Apple and Microsoft to the list of identity providers you can use with LiveChat.

    You can now create a new LiveChat account and sign in to LiveChat with your Apple ID, Google email, or Microsoft account.

    Learn more:
    Sign in with Apple
    Sign in with Google
    Sign in with Microsoft
    Livechat: Announcements are here!
    13 October 2020

    Announcements are here!

    We are happy to announce that we have introduced a new customer engagement feature in LiveChat. You may be familiar with greetings, we now give you Announcements.
    Think of announcements as greetings with an expiration date – you can set up the time frame in which they will be displayed to customers, and they help you create haste by being displayed only once per customer in a lifetime.

    With announcements, you can promote a flash sale, inform about a new feature, advertise a job opening, without spamming your customers with multiple displays of the same message. If they feel like they need more information – they can always start a chat, right?

    From now on, you will find both announcements and greetings under Settings>Engagement>Targeted messages in the LiveChat agent app.

    Livechat: Making LiveChat more secure for you
    12 October 2020

    Making LiveChat more secure for you

    The security of our customers is our priority at LiveChat. As we constantly strive to tighten the security of services used by our customers, we would like to inform you that on 19th of October, we will be disabling some of the older and less secure ciphers that are used when interacting with LiveChat products.

    As taken from Wikipedia, cipher is an algorithm for performing encryption or decryption — a series of well-defined steps that can be followed as a procedure. An alternative, less common term is encipherment. In other words, it is an algorithm that allows us to exchange the data between you and your customers in a much more secure way.

    To keep things simple: no. The change will happen automatically at our end, and our team of administrators will continuously monitor the process. You can log into LiveChat as usual knowing that all of your LiveChat related data is now even more secure.

    This change will affect you only if you are using the following versions of Safari browser:

    Safari 6 / iOS 6.0.1
    Safari 7 / iOS 7.1
    Safari 7 / OS X 10.9
    Safari 8 / iOS 8.4
    Safari 8 / OS X 10.10

    To avoid any possible service interruptions, make sure that you are using the latest version of Safari web browser.

    In case you receive any additional questions from your developers, we have prepared a list of ciphers that we will be disabling, together with a list of ciphers that will be supported by LiveChat. Feel free to share them with your dev team!

    Ciphers that we will no longer support:
    • TLS-AES-128-CCM-8-SHA256
    • TLS-AES-128-CCM-SHA256
    • ECDHE-RSA-AES256-SHA384
    • ECDHE-RSA-AES128-SHA256
    • Second element
    Ciphers that will be supported:
    • TLS-AES-256-GCM-SHA384
    • TLS-CHACHA20-POLY1305-SHA256
    • TLS-AES-128-GCM-SHA256
    If you feel that there is something wrong with your LiveChat account after the change is live, don’t hesitate to reach our support. We are available 24/7/365, and we are in constant contact with our team of administrators.

    Livechat: Our mobile app keeps getting better!
    2 October 2020

    Our mobile app keeps getting better!

    Do you already have LiveChat Lite on your phone? I hope so!

    We’ve improved push notifications, launch times, and connectivity, but we’re not done yet.

    LiveChat Lite now gives you access to the Agents section with editable Agent profiles. Admins can log out agents and invite new agents to the license with just a few taps inside the app.

    Managing your support team on the go has never been easier!

    A picture of 3 views of the new LiveChat Lite app
    New, powerful features include:
    • Customer details
    • Incoming message sneak peek & ready-to-go responses
    • Multi-channel support
    • File sharing
    • In-app and push notifications
    • Agent list with editable profiles
    Install LiveChat Lite on your mobile, and improve your customer service in minutes!
    Livechat: LiveChat for BigCommerce just got better!
    9 September 2020

    LiveChat for BigCommerce just got better!

    You already know that LiveChat helps you engage your customers and send beautiful product recommendations in chat. Now we are here to help you make the purchase process smooth as silk for your customers.

    The newest version of our BigCommerce integration – Customer Insight, allows you to see your customer’s cart the moment they come to chat. With just one click you can see the cart content, and based on that suggest complementary products!

    If the customer’s cart is empty, send them suggestions in the form of Product Cards. Each contains an image and a clickable link taking the customer to the product page. You can select up to 10 at a time, and they will be displayed to the customer in the chat as a carousel!

    LiveChat app for BigCommerce is available to install from the BigCommerce Marketplace.
    Learn how to connect LiveChat to your BigCommerce store in our help center.
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