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LiveChat updates

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8 June 2022

Benefit from Effortless Chat Transactions with Mollie Payments

Provide your customers with a seamless experience, make money, save time, and start scaling your business with the LiveChat and Mollie integration.

Mollie is an online payment service provider with access to all the leading payment methods. They offer a seamless product with fast implementation and flexibility that translates into a good experience for you and your customers.

The integration allows you to share instant payment links, set up subscriptions, and access order information. All of that without leaving a chat screen for even a second.

What you get with Mollie:

  • One-time payments. Share instant transaction links on chat.
  • Subscriptions. Create subscriptions tailored to your customers on the fly.
  • Quick setup. Begin accepting payments in 15 minutes.
  • Order data. Access payment details, order information, and transaction statuses directly on chat.
  • PCI-DSS compliant Mollie Checkout. Process payments in a secure way.

Set up your money pipeline with Mollie.
3 June 2022

WhatsApp Business Integration Now Offers Message Templates

WhatsApp message templates let you automate your business notifications, like appointment reminders or payment status updates. They are useful in sending out any type of message your business needs to distribute.

Templates offer a level of customization required to match your business style. Use variables to fill customer information, add translations to offer multilingual support, and upload media for accessibility and modern looks.

What you get with WhatsApp message templates:
  • An engaging way to communicate with customers
  • Fast information sharing
  • Automation
  • Workaround for the standard 24-hour reply window on WhatsApp
  • Tailored solutions for your business

Learn more about the templates in our HelpCenter
27 April 2022

Targeted message templates for Mailchimp are here

Let your customers subscribe to your campaigns and newsletters before they even start a chat. It is now even easier with templates for Targeted messages.

Example automatic invitation with a signup buttonn Now you can easily create more targeted messages and experiment with their looks, conditions, etc. to check what converts best. There are 3 templates ready: one for new visitors, one for returning visitors, and a blank one with the signup button that you can easily customize.

Get the Mailchimp integration in the LiveChat Marketplace.
See our Help Center for a setup manual.
9 March 2022

Product Cards for Shopify and BigCommerce Has Been Upgraded

We’re updating Product Cards for both Shopify and BigCommerce. This feature lets you quickly browse your store inventory and share relevant product recommendations with customers during chats. It is highly praised for its instant automated installation, intuitive design, and simplicity.

The update adds a few life improvements, for example, new ways to filter your products within the LiveChat app, display stock statuses, and prices.

What you get with the Product Cards update:

  • View modes – display products in a list or a grid view in your LiveChat app
  • Price labels – see your product prices directly on the product cards
  • Out of stock status – know immediately if products are unavailable for purchase
  • Performance and visual improvements

Learn more about Product Cards for Shopify and BigCommerce.

Additionally, subscribing to Shopify integration is getting simpler. You can now manage your billing within the LiveChat app.

26 January 2022

Apple Business Chat now offers quick replies

Apple Business Chat now has a quick-reply feature which allows you to create customizable replies in your chat. Your visitors can choose one of the pre-set messages with a single tap on their screen.

Additionally, with this update, Apple Business Chat is now called Apple Messages for Business.

What you get from quick replies:
  • Set up a nice satisfaction survey with up to five customizable replies.
  • Emoji support — quick replies use plain text and emojis.
  • Ease of use — a single tap is all visitors need to send you a message.
Interested in integrating Apple Messages for Business with LiveChat? Visit our Marketplace to learn more.

Check out our Help Center guide for installation steps.
26 November 2021

LiveChat for Elementor brings new support widgets to your website

With our brand new integration now available for Elementor, you can boost your website with great support widgets.

Install a chat window to create a direct communication channel with your company. Add contact buttons in visible places to make it easy for visitors to reach you anytime they need. Display a certificate of quality support that your team is known for.

What you get with LiveChat for Elementor:
  • Seamless implementation of every feature available in the integration
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce websites
  • Quality Badge widget promoting your team
  • Contact buttons you can place in any way you find fitting
  • Cart and order information sent directly to LiveChat app
Boost your site with LiveChat for Elementor.
20 October 2021

Searching for answers has never been easier

“Fight for every inch” is one of LiveChat’s core values. We design our products with attention to the smallest detail, and the KnowledgeBase booster update is a great example of that.

The KnowledgeBase booster is a chat widget add-on that allows customers to search through articles in the chat window. We’ve updated the booster usability and look to offer a smoother experience.

The redesigned search bar now requires fewer clicks and is more intuitive, allowing you to access topics faster through a better-looking panel.

Interested in boosting your chat widget? Learn more in our Help Center.

12 October 2021

Video call your customers from the LiveChat mobile app

With the SnapCall integration now available in the LiveChat mobile app, you can quickly jump on a video call on your phone, wherever you are. Demonstrate your product in your store, showcase a hotel room to a potential guest, or take soon-to-be newlyweds on a virtual tour around a wedding venue.

Video call your customers from the LiveChat app What you get with SnapCall in LiveChat:
  • Quick and easy installation, and no need for special software or equipment.
  • Digital calls, which means no need for phone numbers and no additional cost per call.
  • Free worldwide calls for customers.
  • Full control. Your agents decide on a case-by-case basis when to offer a voice or video call, or start a screen sharing session.
  • A smooth transition between chat and voice or video within the LiveChat agent app for agents and the chat widget for your customers.
  • Call statistics and history available in the SnapCall dashboard in the LiveChat agent app.
  • Audio recordings available in the LiveChat agent app after the call.
  • Available in LiveChat Agent app for desktop and web browser, as well as the LiveChat mobile app.
Get SnapCall.
Download the LiveChat mobile app from Appstore, GooglePlay or AppGallery.
Read more about the SnapCall integration.
30 September 2021

Rich Messages in Apple Business Chat

Apple Business Chat lets your customers reach you from where it is convenient for them, and now we have made their experience even better.

Apple Business Chat now supports rich messages Apple Business Chat integration with LiveChat now supports Rich Messages, which means you can now send Quick Replies, Cards and Carousels also to the customers who contact you via Messages app.

This is especially good news if you use LiveChat with ChatBot. You can now send Quick Replies, Cards and Carousels in Apple Business chats and the customers will receive them in the List Picker format.

Apple Business Chat is available in Business and Enterprise pricing plans.

Connect Apple Business Chat with LiveChat.
16 September 2021

Enhance your customer relations with Mailchimp in LiveChat

A few weeks ago we released the new and improved integration with Mailchimp, and now we’re back to let you know it just got even better. In this release:
  • automated chat invitations with the option to subscribe,
  • a subscription form that your agents can send in chat,
  • filtering contacts in Mailchimp by LiveChat events,
  • creating LiveChat-specific automated campaigns in Mailchimp,
  • turning newsletter replies into LiveChat tickets.
Get the Mailchimp integration in the LiveChat Marketplace.
See our Help Center for a setup manual.
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