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How to Start the Product Hunt Snowball Effect

Product Hunt (PH for short) is definitely the place to be when you launch a new product. It can help you to reach your first users, testers, investors, journalists and more! After submitting over a dozen tools on Product Hunt (and reading the whole Internet about it), I gained... read more

Agnieszka Jaskiewicz
11 minutes
Nov 3, 2017

The Ultimate Guide for Using Reddit to Help Your Small Business

Even though it often gets lumped into the same category as all the other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, Reddit is rather different. Not just in terms of looks and functionality, but also in terms of its users, which it has plenty of, whose visits... read more

Brenda Savoie
8 minutes
Jul 26, 2017

Social Media Ninja 101: The Most Popular Social Network Sites

While it’s clear why having at least one social media account is a “must” for business, it might be difficult which social network site you should choose. Some people think that because Facebook has 2 billion active users, then they should be present on Facebook. Or, because so... read more

7 minutes
Apr 4, 2017

Why You Should Use Social Media for Business

Launching an online store is like putting Rubik’s cube together. You cannot launch your website without having a beautiful copy and great images. Your potential customers won’t be able to find you until your website is optimized for SEO. You cannot expect your website visitors to... read more

7 minutes
Mar 24, 2017

The Social Media Marketing Strategy You Should Stick To

If you’re an entrepreneur you probably care about social media strategy. And if you do some creative stuff you care even more about creating a following. Social media has been traditionally known for it’s “soft selling.” Your social content promotes your business, converts... read more

8 minutes
Jan 17, 2017

How to Grow Your Business with Social Media Monitoring

The Web loves customer service stories which can be found across social media, but did you know that some of them would never see the daylight without social media monitoring tools? Check out this little gem from Tesco Mobile: Social media genius. Want to know how they even found... read more

Karolina Piwiec
4 minutes
Jul 15, 2016

How to Use Hashtags on Twitter and Rock Your Social Media World

#YOLO, #throwbackthursday, #summer, #chillout, #nofilter, #nocomment. Hashtags are everywhere. We use them on Instagram, Facebook (are they even working there?) and on Twitter. Hashtag this, hashtag that. What is a hashtag? It’s any word or phrase with the # symbol immediately in... read more

6 minutes
Jul 11, 2016

How to Handle Negative Comments on Social Media Like a Pro

If you’ve read my latest post about lion customer taming, you may think: OK, I’ve seen a post about dealing with customer complaints, but there was nothing about dealing with complaints via social media! That’s because dealing with negative comments on social media is different... read more

8 minutes
Apr 13, 2016

How to Promote Your Business Online

I think it’s impossible to have a successful business without promoting your product or service. I also believe that everyone being part of a company can contribute to a company’s word of mouth marketing. No matter if they’re customer service agents or a graphic designer. I’m... read more

7 minutes
Mar 29, 2016

Social Media Etiquette: Don’t Buy Twitter Followers

Are social media sites crucial to stay in touch with customers? Yes, they are. Do they help us with promoting our brand? Yes, they do. Do they help us with selling our products off? Uhm… Not really. Many people think that once they’ll create a Twitter account, buy ads and tweet... read more

7 minutes
Feb 26, 2016

Why NASA’s Social Media Strategy is out of This World

There are few businesses or organizations that have such a great, established social media presence as NASA. All their updates, the content they share and the great bond they have with the community are so natural that it may seem that they don’t have to put any effort at all... read more

6 minutes
Nov 19, 2015

How to Make Social Media Customer Service Easier

Did you know that your website is not the only place where you can place your live chat? And I’m not talking about our Facebook integration. You can extend the reach of your live chat customer service well beyond the pages of your website. You can have people starting a chat... read more

5 minutes
Aug 12, 2015