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10 Ways To Make Your First Sales Online

Getting your e-commerce store up and running is just the first step in your entrepreneurial adventure. After that, you must focus on driving sales. Hopefully, your products will eventually speak for themselves and traction will come organically, but that is often not the case in... read more

Lina Vashurina
7 minutes
Sep 19, 2016

15 Best Call To Action Examples

Each and every call to action on your website serves a specific purpose. You can use various call to action methods to make them more effective. Here are the best call to action examples from top online companies you can use on your website to boost sales, signups and generally... read more

10 minutes
Jul 27, 2016

How Overpromising Can Harm Your Business

When George H. W. Bush gave a speech on the 1988 Republican National Convention, it was a famous "no new taxes" promise that helped him win the election. And what happened 2 years later? He did increase taxes when the country faced a recession in 1990. Breaking this promise was... read more

Lucjan Kierczak
6 minutes
Dec 30, 2015

Call to Action Lessons You Can Learn from WW2 Posters

Creating the perfect call to action can mean the difference between a business success and a complete flop. How do you make sure that the message you use will spring potential customers into action? Over 70 years ago during the Second World War , the Allied governments faced a... read more

7 minutes
Oct 8, 2015

How to Improve Sales With Live Chat (Infographic)

Good customer service can go hand in hand with great sales results. You can improve sales significantly if you use chat to quickly resolve all the problems of your customers. They are bound to come back for more good service. You can also play a more active part and reach out to... read more

3 minutes
Jul 15, 2014

How to Optimize Your Call to Action to Get More Chats

Sometimes the slightest change on your website can make a huge difference. For example, if visitors are reluctant to start a chat with you, they may simply need a little nudge in the right direction. For People, an administration solution for HR professionals, the nudge came in... read more

3 minutes
Jul 2, 2014

How to Deal With Cart Abandonment Using Chat Invitations

Shopping carts are the worst place to lose a customer. You’ve spent hours preparing descriptions for items in your shop, only to lose a customer to a bad case of cart abandonment. When a potential client is not interested with your promo message, you can always improve it. When... read more

5 minutes
Apr 29, 2014

How to Write a Product Review

Writing a product review for something you're trying to market is a proven way of getting new leads. However, with thousands of them popping up on the web every day, how to make your review worth checking out? There are two popular schools of preparing a product review: the... read more

5 minutes
Feb 21, 2014

How to Make a Successful Follow Up

First impressions, as important as they are, don't always net you a lead or a sale. Nurturing your leads is as important as acquiring them. To make successful attempts at converting visitors that resisted the initial pitch you ought to learn the art of follow up. Third time's a... read more

5 minutes
Jun 20, 2012

Using Brand Awareness to Evangelize Products Online

I'll help you build customer loyalty, and get free publicity by branding your product the way top sellers do. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy your day, learning to make your fans market for you. Delivering the promise A brand ideally means sustainable promise. Harley Davidson’s... read more

Blazej Szperlinski
5 minutes
Apr 2, 2012