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Customer support

What We’ve Learned from Being Support Heroes for One Day

We waited for this moment for quite some time. The excitement was so big that we even made bets on when it would happen. And I’m not talking about reaching 100,000 unique visits per month on our blog – although that caused a lot of stir as well. I’m talking about a day when our... read more

10 minutes
Jul 5, 2017

Things to Know about Differences Between Customer Support and Customer Service

Most business owners don’t bother thinking about the difference between customer support and customer service. Even Google makes no difference between the terms. If you use Google to search for customer support, you’ll get results that include the term service, too. Some customer... read more

Paula Hicks
5 minutes
Apr 18, 2017

Typing Speed Test for Customer Service Agents

Improving your typing speed is one of the more productive things you can do when working in online customer service. Most of your work revolves around contacting existing or potential customers either via email, live chat or social media. All those channels are based around... read more

6 minutes
Sep 14, 2016

Customer Support Quotes That You Should Remember

I don’t think I would be wrong by saying that we all want to get better at customer service. After all, we should all strive for the best customer satisfaction. This quick read will get you closer to the customers’ mindset. It will help you understand their way of thinking, so... read more

4 minutes
Nov 2, 2015

What is CQ and why is it essential for successful customer support

The ability to stay cool when situation becomes challenging requires a great degree of personal control. But, what’s most important in today’s customer service environment is not just how well a frontline rep can handle one particular challenging interaction, but how well he can... read more

11 minutes
Jul 15, 2015

4 Ways to Handle a Support Ticket Faster

Getting your support chats and support tickets rated is a good way of finding out if your customer service works. Seeing a good rate after a chat or a ticket means that you did something well. More importantly, the bad rates help you spot places where you need to improve. When... read more

7 minutes
Jan 5, 2015

How to Say NO to Customers Without Making Them Angry

When clients need to contact a company’s support, they always want to hear the yes answer to all their requests. But that’s not always possible, is it? We all take denial very seriously. It can cause an emotional, or even childlike response. We shout, hang up and threaten to... read more

6 minutes
Sep 9, 2014

How to Create a Knowledge Base

There are few things that can save you as much effort and man-hours as having a functional knowledge base on your website. Without a knowledge base, your agents need to provide all kinds of information during one on one conversations with customers. The information is there, but... read more

12 minutes
Aug 8, 2014

7 Ways to Properly Handle a Support Ticket

Handling a support ticket can get brutal. Whenever you think you're done, you get another one waiting in line. There's also the support ticket that nobody wants to touch because it's too difficult. Bouncing stray tickets from department to department can easily get in the way of... read more

4 minutes
Feb 14, 2014