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Customer experience

Let your personality shine through your business

Many businesses hide themselves behind stock photos, soulless copy and scripted conversations. Yawn... they are boring. But, there are other businesses, the brave ones, where people behind the brand show themselves up and tell personal stories. They are engaging, dip into our... read more

5 minutes
Jun 23, 2015

Do You Take Your Customers’ Perspective

Perspective-taking is our capacity to see the world from the view of the other person. It is our key skill, which helps us create successful relationships with our customers. By understanding someone else's viewpoint, we find out what they need and want from us, how are they... read more

5 minutes
May 22, 2015

Give or Take – Our Intent Drives Our Success

When we make business with a client, meet with a friend or make love to our close one, we have an intention at the back of our head. Do we want to get as much as we can from them, or do we want to give without worrying about what we get in return? Our intent comes before all... read more

7 minutes
Feb 18, 2015

What Your Customers Want in 2015

As 2014 ended, marketers discussed business trends for 2015. As always, their predictions seemed more or less accurate and, in most cases, terribly obvious. For example, I’ve read that in 2015 marketing will “shift from globalization to personalization”. Sounds impressive, but... read more

7 minutes
Jan 13, 2015

Creating an Emotional Connection with Customers

Customers are no longer concerned merely to satisfy their basic needs. They want to take consumption process to a higher level - they want to have an emotional connection with the brand they are buying from. They want to experience something worth remembering and live better... read more

6 minutes
Oct 14, 2014

Customer Experience: Influencers and Strategies

A good customer experience can increase the length and value of any buyer-vendor relationship. In a marketplace, where every product has a better or cheaper substitute, it becomes obvious that commercial success is tied to care, going way beyond closing sales. Successful... read more

Blazej Szperlinski
7 minutes
Jul 26, 2012