Aldi’s Unexpected Lesson on Customer Service

Aldi turned its idea of grocery shopping into a compelling lifestyle. Its “Shop differentli” slogan became a mission Aldi cultivates together with its customers. With smart communication and careful market targeting, Aldi built customer relationships other brands can not even... read more

8 minutes
Mar 19, 2020

8 Essential Metrics for an Effective Email Campaign

Effective email campaigns are a part of every successful marketer’s toolbox. For an email campaign to be effective, you need to know if it is working. If you don’t know, not only could you be wasting your time but you also could be creating a negative perception of your company.... read more

5 minutes
Mar 16, 2020

How to Write a High-Converting Case Study

Most content marketers focus on traffic. They write more content for more keywords, all with the hopes of getting more sales, and the competition is getting fierce. There are only so many spots on the front page of Google, right? As a result, smart marketers are looking for ways... read more

Daniel Daines-Hutt
9 minutes
Jan 3, 2020

7 Ways Marketing and Customer Support Teams Can Collaborate

As companies are becoming more customer-focused, it’s crucial for customer-facing teams to align with other teams in the organization. However, in most cases, support teams work in silos and do not collaborate enough with teams like marketing, design or product. This makes it... read more

Himanshu Gupta
8 minutes
Oct 2, 2019

How to Use Drip Campaign to Nurture Your Leads

In the last few years, email has really set itself as the most popular and widespread means of marketing. For now, it is the main tool for business communication, one of the primary ways to do sales, and one of the most important channels for client support. Possibly the best... read more

Helen Holovach
7 minutes
Apr 16, 2019

How to Choose the Best Chatbot for Your E-Commerce Business

E-commerce is going through another transformation, with chatbots and live chats mapping out customer journey and driving sales. Conversational technologies are ruling online business, and you can see the proof of this everywhere. Previously silent, online marketplaces and stores... read more

Dmitriy Sushko
9 minutes
Mar 23, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Email Blacklists and How to Avoid Them

The effectiveness of email marketing heavily relies on the number of emails that get delivered into the inbox folder of your subscribers. Having a great creative, design, and call to action would make no difference if you have poor deliverability rate. To get the opens and... read more

Chris Donald
7 minutes
Mar 15, 2019

Best Software for Every Stage of Email Marketing

One of the most comprehensive marketing tasks is to make your email attract subscribers’ attention in their busy inboxes. According to VentureBeat, email marketing generates the highest ROI for marketers. That’s the reason why lots of businesses widely use this strategy.... read more

Inna Yatsyna
7 minutes
Oct 26, 2018

6 Simple Ways to Communicate with Your Customers Better

Effective communication is the key to building and nurturing any relationship - be it personal or professional. Even in business, communicating with customers effectively can help you gain their loyalty - leading to repeat purchases, positive word-of-mouth, and referrals. On the... read more

8 minutes
Sep 14, 2018

Slack Best Practices from LiveChat Team

Every time I sit down to write this post, I’m distracted by a message from my colleague about this thing I need to hear, a notification about the package that came, or a bot scaring me about the debt on my food credit card. My food card debt. Who is responsible for all of this... read more

7 minutes
Aug 16, 2018

How to Turn Dunning Process into a Positive Customer Experience

“Dunning” is a word that can send cold thrills down your spine. For business owners, it’s a rather unpleasant process of trying to collect the receivable amount. For customers, dunning is associated with getting intimidating calls from weird people. Business owners think that... read more

6 minutes
Jul 12, 2018

How Trends Are Changing with Unified Communication

Cloud-based unified communication is a platform that has all the possible ways of making communication. It includes phone calls, emails, chat or plain text messaging. It is a virtualized software platform that uses the cloud technology. A wire-based networking infrastructure... read more

6 minutes
Jun 26, 2018

How Typography Can Change the Fate of Your Email Campaigns

Here are 3 beautiful emails. Can you see the common thread between all the three of them? You’ll notice that all 3 emails have different fonts and the emotions induced by the fonts too are different. While colors play an important role in conveying emotions, Typography too plays... read more

8 minutes
Jun 15, 2018