Online chat from a business owner perspective [interview]

Szymon Klimczak
3 min read
Jul 6, 2011
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Sam Akbari is a Managing Director of Webitecture (link no longer available), a design and marketing firm providing online and offline solutions and strategies to Australian businesses.

He's been using LiveChat since the beginning of 2011, when he started chatting with his website visitors using the desktop application and LiveChat iPhone app. Recently he took part in tests of the just released LiveChat for iPad and allowed us to take a closer look at his business by answering a few questions about it:


- Tell us about Webitecture - what do you guys do?

-- We are a digital design house. We deliver an end-to-end premium design and marketing service and pride ourselves on incorporating cutting edge design, relevant content and advanced technology to deliver best practice and industry leading solutions.

- What distinguishes Webitecture from your competitors?

-- We try to set ourselves apart by following and exceeding the global industry benchmarks for delivering ground breaking solutions and continually exceeding client expectations. Every one of our projects is underpinned by a result focussed strategy, cementing a competitive advantage that ensures each client is positioned as a leader within their respective industry.

Behind our commitment to deliver the best solutions, there is a vibrant and dedicated team of industry-best and highly experienced individuals. Our team currently comprises of graphic designers, web and application developers, account managers and project managers based in Melbourne and Sydney of Australia.

- Does LiveChat make a difference? How does it help out in your business?

-- As the owner of a web agency that wears many hats in the business and spend a great deal of time on the road, I have a twofold reliance on LiveChat. One is to create a 24/7 communication platform between my customers and my business and two, to provide us with real-time information on the traffic being generated on website. Owning and iPhone and iPad allows me to achieve both.

Sam in his office with LiveChat for iPad
Sam in his office with LiveChat for iPad

A visit to a website in the past was a very impersonal approach to finding information. With the birth of social media, personalization is now the driving force in website interactivity and live chat is fast becoming a component a website owner cannot afford to ignore.

– How and in what situations do you use LiveChat and the iPad app?

-- Twice now, we have been able to convert a website visit to a lead by using the resolved hostname of the visitor to identify their business and push real-time and personalised chat requests stating their business name as a warm greeting. One of these examples was achieved on an iPad during a train commute to the office. That is technology working in its best as a perfect marketing tool.

– In what situation iPad LiveChat app is better than the desktop version?

-- Many people, like myself, use their iPad as a second screen on their desk. Also, whether I am on the road or sitting in the office, my iPad is running in the background, keeping me up to date and in touch with my customers.

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