New Google Maps Insights Reveal Pandemic, Holiday Trends

3 min read
Nov 19, 2020
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Google Maps recently released data showing the behavior of people around the world during the pandemic. This information is often used during the holidays to identify when stores aren’t busy, how people are traveling, and where they are going. Unsurprisingly, in this nightmare of a year, these insights are also being used to plan proper social distancing and to avoid large crowds.

The data analyzed was from March until October of 2020, basically, a date range entirely dominated by dramatic lifestyle changes due to COVID-19. While the data shows how people are preparing for the holidays, it also shows how our lives have changed since the onset of the pandemic.

Some of the key insights from the analysis include:

Some of this information is more than just interesting. It can also be very useful when traveling out of town for the holidays and needing pandemic-related information about your destination. If you’re taking public transportation, it will also give you information about how crowded it might be. That information combined with additional COVID-19 data available in Google Maps can help create a solid plan for traveling safely.“This is especially handy if you’re heading out of town and need to get up to speed about the local guidelines, testing sites, and restrictions in another city,” Dane Glasgow, a Google Maps executive, wrote. “On Android and iOS globally, you’ll start seeing how crowded your bus, train, or subway line is right now based on real-time feedback from Google Maps users around the world (wherever data is available),” he added.