Invite your client to chat from an email

Piotr Bednarek
1 min read
Jan 15, 2011
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What if your visitors contact you not through your site and LiveChat solution but i.e. via e-mail? How to encourage and invite them to LiveChat?

You can easily place an image or text link in your email footer to launch the chat window:

Invite customers from an email to chat

We have function which will fit you perfectly!

Just login to your Control panel ( and then go to Install > Chat button > Advanced options > and pick “Code without JavaScript – use it on online auctions and e-mail signatures”

Email button in LiveChat

*if you are using embedded chat window go to the Window type section of the Control panel and choose Open in a new window. Now, go to Chat button section and get the email code.

Then just copy the code and put it into your email signature. All of your clients will be able to contact you via LiveChat!