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How We Created a Chatbot That Helps Businesses During the Pandemic

Gabriela Bartoszek
3 min read
May 26, 2020
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Shortly after our team entered the #stayhome reality, we realized that unlike many other organizations, we are quite lucky. We were well prepared to switch to remote work, and our company was not economically impacted by these extraordinary circumstances. But we felt that we should do something to help others. We decided to share our products, solutions, and years of expertise in online communication to make it easier for affected organizations to adapt to this situation.

In the beginning, we took several initiatives to help businesses and non-profit organizations by offering our customer service tools (LiveChat, ChatBot, HelpDesk, and Knowledge Base) for free and delivering extra support for non-technical teams. We also shared guides on how you can use LiveChat to better communicate when working remotely and how to use ChatBot to optimize your business communication during the pandemic.

The feedback we received was great and motivated us to do even more. Our ChatBot team decided to build a conversational COVID-19 symptoms checker that could help public organizations and healthcare-related businesses with a hectic workload. But we were missing one thing to do it: medical expertise. 

The collaborative COVID-19 chatbot project with Infermedica

Infermedica is a provider of AI-driven solutions for preliminary medical diagnoses. What’s more, Inferemdica had already developed the COVID-19 Risk Assessment tool before we started working together. Their solution helps to quickly identify coronavirus symptoms. All content is based on the World Health Organization’s guidelines and was prepared in cooperation with Infermedica’s medical team. Could we imagine a better partner?

Infermedica’s team wanted to scale up the COVID-19 crisis response. By combining Inferemdica’s COVID-19 triage-oriented screening protocol with the ChatBot technology, we were able to create and implement a tool that helps self-evaluate the risk of infection.

How the COVID-19 Risk Assessment ChatBot works

The chatbot asks a series of questions that help determine COVID-19 symptoms. Depending on the user’s responses, it guides a person on if they should seek medical assistance and where they should go. It also provides phone numbers of local health institutions to help people obtain medical help faster.

The chatbot is available as a ready-to-use template. It can be added to your website as a chat widget and easily integrated with Facebook Messenger. You can also connect it with any other platform using our open ChatBot API.

The COVID-19 Risk Assessment Chatbot

How the COVID-19 Risk Assessment Chatbot can help businesses

The COVID-19 Risk Assessment Chatbot can be used by businesses of various kinds, including hotels, public institutions, and non-profit organizations. As more and more people are going back to work, it’s not uncommon for many to still be afraid of catching the virus. Chatbot’s main goal is to keep educating employees, customers, and communities about coronavirus symptoms and procedures. The solution can help businesses and organizations share verified information about coronavirus symptoms and take on additional protective measures after getting back to work.

If you want to give the COVID-19 Risk Assessment Chatbot a try in your organization click here.