Connecting with customers means good communication – for advertising, marketing, social media, and even among your team. In Connect we dig into the most important strategies, methods, and trends and tell you how to better get your point across.

NASA’s Curiosity Rover takes on Social Media

The web population of the world had its fair share of breath-holding moments when we've all watched NASA's Curiosity Rover landing on Mars. An amazing feat that already marked its place in history. Although, the ongoing Mars mission is, without a question, a great advancement in... read more

4 minutes
Aug 8, 2012

Customer Experience: Influencers and Strategies

A good customer experience can increase the length and value of any buyer-vendor relationship. In a marketplace, where every product has a better or cheaper substitute, it becomes obvious that commercial success is tied to care, going way beyond closing sales. Successful... read more

Blazej Szperlinski
7 minutes
Jul 26, 2012

How to Create an Interest Graph

There is one resource that always plays a role in modern businesses, a key element that often remains elusive and hard to come by. Information, the missing puzzle piece for many businesses, comes at a very high price today. What a better way to gain that valuable data than... read more

6 minutes
Jul 12, 2012

How to Make a Successful Follow Up

First impressions, as important as they are, don't always net you a lead or a sale. Nurturing your leads is as important as acquiring them. To make successful attempts at converting visitors that resisted the initial pitch you ought to learn the art of follow up. Third time's a... read more

5 minutes
Jun 20, 2012

Using Brand Awareness to Evangelize Products Online

I'll help you build customer loyalty, and get free publicity by branding your product the way top sellers do. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy your day, learning to make your fans market for you. Delivering the promise A brand ideally means sustainable promise. Harley Davidson’s... read more

Blazej Szperlinski
5 minutes
Apr 2, 2012