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Mar 13, 2019

How Better Service Can Reverse the Trend of Declining Customer Satisfaction

Companies strive to deliver more efficient customer service, and every year their efforts bring better results. The 2019 Customer Service Report, based on LiveChat’s data, shows that in 2018 an average business that delivered customer service via live chat improved both the first response time (3 seconds faster than in 2017) and handle time (10 seconds faster than in 2017).

Feb 12, 2019

Top 26 ChatBot Builders for 2019

ChatBot is a bot builder that utilizes one-click integrations to a range of tools including Facebook Messenger, LiveChat, Skype, KiK, Slack, Twitter and YouTube. In addition, ChatBot is available as a robust API enabling you to integrate with a variety of third-party tools.

Feb 10, 2019

How to Increase Your Word of Mouth Marketing

Can you tie yourself into other things that your consumers do or use? LiveChat mentioned, “you can design products that are often triggered by the environment and create new triggers by linking your products and ideas to prevalent cues in that environment”.

Jan 31, 2019

Companies Struggle to Keep Their Customers Happy

This year’s Customer Service Report is based on data gathered from 25,000 companies representing 19 industries from 150 countries. LiveChat’s team analysed 47.4 billion website visits, 437 million chats and 21 million tickets to produce the insights.

Aug 2, 2018

6% of retailers now offer a live chat service via their mobile apps

Szymon Klimczak, chief marketing officer at LiveChat, noted one important trend. “What makes customers the happiest is dealing with an issue in one go, no matter how long it takes,” he said. “Tech companies have one of the longest average handle times, but because they solve most issues in one touchpoint, they lead the pack when it comes to customer satisfaction.”

Mar 14, 2018

LiveChat Brings BotEngine Out of Beta

After six months in beta, LiveChat has added rich messages, two types of matching systems, and API documentation to its BotEngine chatbot building software.

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