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Find your way to team up with us

Offer your clients the industry’s leading tool… and more!

Whether you run a major digital agency, own an ecommerce consultancy company, or simply build websites as a freelancer, LiveChat can complement your projects perfectly. Expand your business scope by adding LiveChat to your offering and watch new revenue streams coming in.

A game changing tool

Customized properly and efficiently used, LiveChat can get your clients more leads and boost their sales by over 30%. Turn it into a growth opportunity for your business!

Services your clients require

Offer your client base a set of well-crafted services around LiveChat so they make the most of our software. Installation, customization, custom solutions development, product training - feel free to add them to your business portfolio.

Build a steady passive income

You don’t have to run an agency to build a solid stream of income with LiveChat! Promote our software in a way that you know best and earn 20% commision for each customer referred.

Commission? Recurring!

We’ll pay you for a lifetime of every LiveChat account you help us sell. And - since customers stay with us for years - you can expect getting multiple payments from every single account you bring our way.

All the resources you need

With a feature-rich partner interface and lots of useful resources, you have all the tools in the world to become our successful affiliate partner.

Turn LiveChat into your platform’s feature

Yes! LiveChat can be built into your application as a complementary solution. Take advantage of it! Allow your customers to chat, gather leads, and increase their sales - all with the use of a well-known tool you don't have to develop.

What’s there for you?

Making LiveChat available on your platform is either a perfect way to create real value for your current (and future) users or an amazing upsell opportunity for you.

LiveChat API at your disposal

Whatever you need to build to release your project with LiveChat on board, the unlimited access to our APIs will make it possible. Turn your dream scenario into reality!

Let’s turn your idea into a real deal

Have your own idea for our partnership? It’s more than likely that we’ll sign up for that! Give us a shout and tell us what you need.

We build partnerships that work!

“Hotelchamp is a marketing platform for hotels to build guest relationships and boost their bookings. The addition of LiveChat to our product suite provides an effortless and effective way for our customers to directly engage with their guests”

"I wouldn’t say I promote LiveChat. Rather, I give my visitors the opportunity to check one of the best tools available. LiveChat is a very slick piece of software. Great design and excellent user interface make it stand out in the crowd. It’s like ‘the Mac of live chat tools’ - as I like to call it."

"LiveChat has helped my company in several ways. The product implementation is painless and takes just a few minutes. Being a partner allowed me to easily share LiveChat with my clients and include it in my business proposal."

Let us help you scale
your business up!

Once you prove yourself as a reliable partner and start deploying projects with LiveChat on board, we’ll happily introduce you to our customer base. Over 36,000 companies using LiveChat need experts from various business niches. And you can access them through The Marketplace.

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