It would be painful to set up filters repeatedly every time you log in to LiveChat. This is why we came up with segments.


Some businesses tend to experience dips in traffic and sales during the summer. There are no signs of slowing down at LiveChat, though. Despite the difficulties that the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic brought on all of us, we’re happy we’ve helped our customers connect to their clients more effectively. This time we’ve got another enhancement to the Agent App and new, hot content on Success.

P.S. For those of you wondering about the GIF, I’m taking a Knowledge Pill.

Create and save custom segments

Your agents are probably familiar with segments which have been available in the Customers section of the Agent App. Predefined segments are neat, but wouldn’t it be great if your agents were able to create new, customized segments?

To do that, they need to choose their filters first. Filters help to find and target very specific groups of users. Once your agents set up their filters, they can save them to create their own customized segments. Help your agents save time. When they click on newly created segments, they’ll only see the customers meeting the segment criteria.

Create a custom segment

Learning space

Business Email Writing with HelpDesk has been a success so far. While we still have a few classes to publish, those who started the course are close to finishing it. We realized we want Learning Space to be the home of many new educational projects in the future. This led us to design a new and exciting form of Learning Space.

Apart from courses, we want it to accommodate guides and templates that your agents can use to improve their communication skills. With an improved interface, your agents will find pieces of content they need at a given moment on the fly.

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Customer Insight case study with Unimart

Customer Insight, the latest addition to our Shopify integration, has been out for two months. When agents talk to potential clients on your store’s live chat, Customer Insight helps them access all the data related to a particular client, e.g., their tracking numbers or delivery statuses.

Unimart is a customer that tested this feature before the official release and helped us mold it into its current form. Knowing what’s inside the customer’s cart is the most significant benefit of Customer Insight for them. This helps Unimart lead the conversation with their customers better, and their agents can offer complementary products depending on what they already have in their carts.

Read the case study

Our content creators at Success by LiveChat are working their socks off to make a name for themselves. Marcos and his video series are getting more and more views, so it’s no surprise that we decided to launch season two of Incoming Chat and Knowledge Pill.

The second season of Incoming Chat welcomes you back with Marcos and Tomasz Duda, Director of growth at, debating about the buzz behind “growth hacking.” When it comes to Knowledge Pill, we start season two with a three-part series about digital psychology and how you can make your customers do what you want them to.

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Managing large groups with online software can be challenging. It often involves a lot of repetitive, manual, and time-consuming work. Advanced Group Manager offers you automated ways to copy group settings and duplicate existing groups. It gives you the flexibility to try out different settings and find the perfect configuration.

Advanced group management is one of many enhancements built based on the LiveChat Platform. To discover the platform’s full potential, browse our website or ask Nick, our IT Guy (go ahead, he’s just a bot).

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