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Let customers reply according to their own schedule with Messaging Mode.

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Asynchronous messaging explainer video

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Communication that fits into busy schedules

Now, chats can happen in real-time or spread out across hours or days. Giving you and your customers more flexibility to connect.

See how it works

  • Chat widget screen

    Get messages even when your agents are away

    Customer experience comes first

    Visitors can message you anytime they need. Just like they do when they talk to their family and friends on messaging apps.

    Missed chats become a thing of the past

    Can’t be available 24/7? All messages sent when you’re away are safely stored in LiveChat until you’re ready to reply.

    Illustration: Eve sleeps
  • Tuesday 9am
    Screen showing Mark's reply at Eve's email address

    Provide a better chatting experience

    Customers can message you and go about their day, which is more comfortable than waiting with the chat widget open. They get notified at their email address and can reply directly from there or switch to the chat widget.

    Tuesday 6pm Illustration: Eve is ready to buy her dream bike
  • 6 months later
    Screen showing Mark reopens the conversation a few months later

    Build connections that last

    Stay in touch with customers, even if you haven’t talked in weeks or months. You can restart any conversation, anytime you need.

    Check customer satisfaction

    Get back to customers a few weeks after the purchase to see if they are happy with the product they got.

    Send personalized offers

    Create an offer based on previous chats with a customer and send it even months after your last conversation.

    Illustration: Eve becomes a loyal customer

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